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The Overgod

"The Overgod"   Sometimes referred to by the other Gods/Goddesses as "The First One", "The Observer Of All That Is", "The First Maker", "The Forgotten One"       The Overgod, is a supreme being made of pure unrefined godly power.   In the beginning before time, all that existed was The Overgod, and The Overgod was all that existed. This was all that there was for an eternity. Until The Overgod spoke, and existence cracked and broke apart creating the endless planes. Curiosity compelled The Overgod to explore them. Eons passed and discovering that it could not search the infinite lengths of the myriad of planes, The Overgod tore away pieces of its being, fashioning reflections of itself to explore the planes in its stead. So the children of The Overgod were born.   After millennia of expending energy and weakening itself, The Overgod was tricked into slumber and imprisoned in an elemental sphere in the heart of the prime material plane. This prison sphere became known as Domen Aria, our home planet. The newly created beings, The Overgods children, became the Gods and Goddesses worshipped throughout the multiverse.   The children were eager to resume exploring the planes and carving out their own territories, but before leaving, they created new lesser beings on the prison planet. These new races were left there in order to alert the Deities if The Overgod was ever to reawaken. For they knew its wrath would be immeasurable and its revenge would be undeniable.

Divine Domains

The Domain of Deities

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Initially: To create the planes and beings to report back about them.   Currently: To rest and recover the loss of godly energy, so as to resume its prior endeavors, whatever they may be.
Divine Classification

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