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Telleron is a hard place, for harder people. Located at the crossroads of the Usurper's Tracks, and the Old North Road, it is surrounded by a cold, unforgiving tundra. Even more concerning is its proximity to the Plains of Asharaz to the north, and the Balewood to the south, the mere mention of which would drive most sensible people away. So why go there at all, you might ask? Well, the mead is warm, even if the air isn't, and the company is some of the best you'll find. Now, this might not be enough to brave the wilderness for most normal folk, but for those in search of rare treasure, or the thrill of the hunt, Telleron is just the place to prepare you for the adventure of your lives.


Telleron is mainly comprised of Men, and while other races are not unheard of, many do not stay long. Some assortment of Dwarves and Half-Orcs have taken up permanent residence, but they are the overwhelming minority in the settlement.   No-one in Telleron is overly wealthy, save Helmund Artun, who oversees the outpost, and even his standing pales in comparison to proper nobility. Most of the occupants are hunters or tradesmen, working for the bare needs of themselves and the outpost.


There is no true government in Telleron, and the outpost does not answer to any larger faction, nor do they have any major business with the kingdoms of Faenir. Helmund Artun oversees the outpost, and governs in his own way, serving as both judge and lawmaker. If ever there is a dispute in Telleron, the people come to him to decide the party at fault, and for the most part, the occupants of the outpost are very loyal to him. He makes sure the settlement runs smoothly, having hired a small militia to keep the peace, and ensuring that all trade that takes place in the outpost is fair and even.


Being a fortress, Telleron was initially built with defence strongly in mind. In its current state however, the defences most important to the occupants are against the elements, rather than those against mortal foes. The walls are secure, and there are a few of the old towers which are still manned, but by and large, Telleron is not concerned with military defence.

Industry & Trade

The main industry of Telleron is hospitality and trade. Being the only outpost for hundreds of miles in any direction, the outpost is used by many as a staging ground for their expeditions. As such, many inns have been founded to meet the hospitality needs of the travellers, and some effort has been made to make the outpost as comfortable as possible. Aside from this, the outpost is built to facilitate trade and export by the many travelling merchants who frequent it. Due to its location, and the many rare and wondrous things that lie in the wilderness beyond, many merchants travel to Telleron to stock their curiosity selection for wealthy buyers in tamer parts of Faenir.


The current inhabitants of Telleron have not really built much in terms of any infrastructure worth mentioning, having mainly restored the old fortress as much as needed for their purposes. They have patched up the walls, and rebuilt some of the old buildings, but for the most part, the fortress around their small outpost remains a ruin. Their main achievement is the maintenance of both the Old North Road and the Usurper's Tracks close to the outpost, as those two road connections to the outside world are essential to their trade business.


Telleron is well-equipped to handle travellers, as their entire livelihood is based around adventurers coming to their outpost for lodging and refreshment on their way, or back from, harsher lands. There are many inns, and the outpost even boasts a few small stores selling provisions, gear, and repair. The marketplace at the centre of the outpost is almost always occupied by various travelling merchants carrying interesting goods, and most are also willing to buy various curiosities from more adventurous folk.


Telleron, or Torshold, as it was initially known, was built in the late 20th century CE in response to the growing power of Asharaz the Usurper, and in preparation for the war against him. Tor oversaw and protected the construction of the fortress Himself, and eventually it was used at the staging ground for the Army of the Gods in the war that lead to the Cataclysm.   When the Cataclysm occurred, Torshold was obliterated, leaving behind a smouldering ruin. Its need having passed, Tor never returned to the fortress, and after He departed, it was left empty for centuries. During the Long Peace, an adventurous Elf named Tel'ler the Bold ventured out to the ruined fortress, and claimed it, naming it Tel'leron, and declaring himself Ruler of the East. He, and his sons after him, ruled there for many years, and it became a mighty centre of power in the region.   As the Randirion Empire rose to power, Tel'leron faded into insignificance, its distance from the rest of civilisation and relative size not interesting even the land-hungry Haldarn. Insulted, the king of Tel'leron foolishly mounted an assault on Ataria, which was the frontier of the Empire at the time. Obviously, their army was defeated, and in retaliation, the Empire besieged Tel'leron, taking it in a matter of days. Under the rule of the Empire, the city prospered, though it's name was changed to the simpler spelling, Telleron, as a sign of dominance.   After the fall of the Empire, Telleron was abandoned, as the citizens found the climate in the Freelands much more habitable, and there was no longer a need to man the old fortress. Thus, Telleron lay once again empty, discarded for greener lands. It wasn't until 2342 TE that people once again inhabited the now decaying fortress. Haldorf the Brave ventured out to the wilderness, having been exiled from Ettrenland, and established the outpost which can be found there to this day.


The original fortress, was built to be a beacon of hope for mortals and Gods alike. Its walls were massive, and its towers soared above them, declaring their strength to all the world. Today, only their foundations can be seen, and much of the architecture of the outpost today is a patchwork of designs, both old and new.

1999 CE

Founding Date
1951 CE, 247 TE, 2342 TE
Alternative Name(s)
Torshold, Tel'leron
Outpost / Base
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