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Faenir is doomed, or so it seems, to be the most significant of the landmasses on the face of Iatar, much to the chagrin of the inhabitants. Though it is not by any means large, or especially interesting, events seem to have a way of finding themselves happening here. From the beginning of The War for Iatar against the Titans, to The Cataclysm itself, Faenir seems to be the stage on which the world's direction is decided. Now, this may be put down to co-incidence, but in a world with the powers of Gods, and more, at work, co-incidences of such scale are hard to believe indeed. No, the fate of Faenir seems to have been steered in one direction or another by possibly the most powerful faction in all of Iatar, The Secret Order, who have been writing the history of the world since before the years were counted. It is by their hand that even the Gods took their place in the world, and so the presence of such a force could not possibly exist without some effect on the environment in which it sits. Even today, though more subtle, the Order works to alter the course of the world, and Faenir once again stands centre-stage as the course of Iatar shifts around it.


Faenir is possibly the most diverse and historically significant continent within Iatar, except perhaps for Iatos itself. By Iatar's standards, it is an average sized continent, ranging just over 6000km across, and almost 4000km north-south. It's location within Iatar gives it a temperate climate, and most of its regions would fit within that category, though this is most definitely not without exception. From the frozen northern regions near Vvardenfell, to the dry and desolate sands of the Ashk-Gro Desert, Faenir houses many diverse climates. Like most landmasses in Iatar, Faenir is defined by rugged coastlines and unpredictable breaks between the continent and its surrounding islands due to the effects of both Titans and Gods wielding The Chaos recklessly. The best example of such breaks would be the separation of Cornadia from mainland Faenir, as well as other large islands, such as Claw Island, or the Isles of Vvardenfell. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Faenir is The Cataclysm, which was the site of the event of the same name. The utter shattering of the landmass is quite striking, and its effects reverberated down the whole eastern coast of the continent, forming The Shattered Coast. Finally, many believe that Faenir also houses the fabled Mistview Isles to its northwest due to the unending storms found in the seas around that area, which no sailor has managed to pass and live to tell the tale.

Fauna & Flora

Due to Faenir's vast size, and diverse climates, there is an incredible variety of flora and fauna within its bounds. Despite this, tropical plants, beasts, and mortals such as the Sulda that could be found in southern Iatos and Gythia cannot be found anywhere in Faenir. All of the major mortal beings can be found in Faenir in abundance, though Dragons are quite scarce, as well as a good population of Halflings, Gnomes, and Toyds. As Faenir was the site of so many calamitous events involving The Chaos, many Chaotic Fiends can be found here, especially in the regions beyond The North-Eastern Wilderness.

Natural Resources

Across Faenir, almost every natural resource thinkable can be gathered in some way, whether by mining, farming, hunting, or foresting. Depending on where you go, however, such practices may not be thought very highly of by the local inhabitants. As with all of Iatar, Faenir contains many types of Gemstones, though gems from Faenir are considered more valuable than most others due to their massive exposure to The Chaos, and as such, a thriving economy based around them has developed over time.
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