The Borealian Lunar Outpost

Few people on Aqualon are aware that the Old Gods actually live on Aqualon's moon, though the general knowledge of this fact exists since the first more powerful telescopes were built. A magically terraformed land up there shows up to the naked eye as a small, green spot on the moon's surface, and a good telescope will even reveal the Odentree, atop which Castle Odenheim rests.  

Borealian Spaceflight

During the rise of science and technamagix in the United Ocean Belt Technocracy, the technocrats of Guantil-ya first experimented with spaceflight, using magic to hurl or transport satellites past Aqualon's gravitational pull.   The spaceflight program took a serious hit after the Declaration of Existential Independence in 25 GE when applied magic was banned and made impossible within the Technocracy of Borealis. However, non-magical methods of spaceflight were developed and implemented in time, initially using high-altitude rail-gun technology to launch satellites into orbit; then moving on to LOX1
Liquid Oxigen Fuel.
type rockets and then nuclear vessels.   The first manned space mission was sent into orbit by the Technocracy of Borealis in the year 592 GE. Since then, a small space station was assembled in orbit, and a lunar colony established close to Asgard to be slowly developed into an on-site assembly yard for further space exploration.

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3720 km

2.625 m/s² Gravitational Acceleration

Between 800 and 1500 depending on the time of year.

The Expedition

The outpost is manned by roughly 40 highly trained astronauts, who have to be shipped up to the moon at significant expense. To prevent long-term muscle atrophy due to the low-gravity environment, the outpost was built close to the borders of Asgard. In exchange for advanced technology and maintenance, the Old Gods allow the expedition members to spent recreational time in Asgard to keep their internal muscles in working condition, since the gravitational force within Asgard is roughly equivalent to that of Aqualon.   The outpost also trades for certain metals, or more accurately: mining rights, as mining within the atmosphere of Asgard is more practical than on the remainder of Luna. However, such lunar mining operations have slowly started expanding around the outpost as the Technocracy of Borealis is preparing to move their space program to phase 3: A lunar satellite construction yard.


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