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Dust Frontier

The Dust Frontier is a small town built on The Dust Sea, built to house researchers studying the sea. While unpleasant, it is one of the very few safe places on the Dust Sea, it is protected from the sea's abrasive dust and always has a medical team on standby to help anyone who gets hurt.


The Dust Frontier has no permanent residents, few staying more than 6 months at a time. A majority of those who stay there are Soli researchers, usually sponsored by the Solis Government. Outside of them, there are many researchers from all over who regularly visit, including regular visits from the various Mia Rose's.


While there are no active threats to the settlement, it has to deal with the ever-present passive threat of the abrasive dust found all around it. Along with breaking electronics, weakening buildings and being generally unpleasant, it also causes all manner of negative health effects, ranging from respiratory issues and vision damage to internal and external bleeding caused by its abrasive nature. To avoid this, Magnetic Barrier Fences were created to block it's encroachment.

Magnetic Barrier Fences emit a specially tuned electromagnetic field that prevents the dust from passing between the posts that make up the fence. These were designed by Solis sponsored engineers, their government has invested a large number of resources into the Dust Frontier and were not willing to let that go to waste.

Outpost / Base
0 permanent residents
Supports up to 80 people


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