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Member Since: 13 Dec, 2017


Worldbuilder and artist, 2D and 3D

Interests & Hobbies

World Building, LEGO, art, 3D modeling

Favorite Movies

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Thor Ragnarok, Moana, The LEGO Movie

Favorite TV Series

Red Dwarf, Jurassic Park, The Elder Scrolls, Pirates of the Carribean, The Legend of Zelda, Cornetto Trilogy

Favorite Books

Pizza Witch, Hyrule Historia

Favorite Writers

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg

Favorite Games

Super Mario Oddysey, Sonic Mania, Rocket League, Civilization VI

Comments & Feedback

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3 Jul, 2018 01:32

Thanks for being my world's first follower! It is an honor to have someone with such high quality work take interest in whatever ramblings I have to share. ^^;

10 Nov, 2018 18:01

Thank you so much for adding one of my characters to your favorites! It means so much to me. Thank you so much!

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