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The Dust Sea

The Dust Sea is an empty and desolate flatland where the globes containing all the worlds are found. It is a dark and hazardous plain that extends seemingly infinitely in every direction. Life on the sea is almost non-existent, the impenetrable ground preventing plants from taking root and abrasive dust slowly breaking down anything else.   It is ill-advised to travel along the ground, the dust that is found there has numerous negative health effects, primarily damage to the respiratory system and vision. Most people travel by air and always come equipped with filter masks and flare guns, just in case their aircraft fails and they need to survive until rescue finds them.


The Dust Sea is almost completely flat with few landmarks, while there are cracks, ridges and other features, none are recognisable enough to use as landmarks. The only reliable landmarks are the world globes and the Dust Frontier, a small town that houses researchers studying the sea, unfortunately, due to the poor visibility near the ground, these are next to useless when navigating.

Natural Resources

There is very little of use to be found on the Dust Sea, the bedrock is (at least with current technology) completely impenetrable, completely removing any uses it could have. The abrasive dust found on the sea has very limited uses, it's abrasive nature makes it hard to contain for long periods of time, especially with movement.   Scans have shown that beneath the surface, the rock is full of metals and gemstones, however, actually reaching them is impossible with current technology, even experimental mining tools from Solis are unable to break it. Some have suggested the use of nuclear bombs to break it though most agree that would barely scratch the surface, not to mention the other side effects.
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