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We don't know much about Solis, mostly because the Soliil won't let us in. I've tried asking politely many times, but they've threatened to shoot my propglider out of the air every time I've gotten near. Even in the 2 opportunities I've gotten to speak to any of them without anti-aircraft cannons pointed in my general direction, they won't even talk about it. All we really know is that it's wet and foggy, the Soliil live there and it's probably hiding so many cool secrets I wanna get my hands on.   If any Soliil are reading this and want to let me have an interview or a look around, send me a letter!
— An excerpt from an entry on Clara A's World Notes
  Solis is the homeworld of the secretive Soliil. Not much is known about what the world is like, besides what can be glimpsed through its globe, as the Soliil are very wary of outsiders, only allowing a select few in (even then, only in windowless aircraft so they see little of the world).

Localized Phenomena

The region is occasionally hit by a phenomenon known as "star falls", during these times tiny pieces of Starstone rain down from the sky. This has led to an overabundance of the mineral in their world, making its way into the food chain.


Not much is known about the world's climate, but a combination of first-hand accounts from the small number of soliil who have left and observations through its globe suggest that is under near-constant cloud cover and mist cover and is covered by light rain almost every day.

Fauna & Flora

Little is known about life on Solis apart from the Soliil themselves, though some things have been inferred from the limited interactions with them.   Almost all life incorporates starstone into its anatomy, both plants and animals. Soliil have tiny deposits of the mineral throughout their entire body, allowing them to use their own bioelectricity to manipulate their momentum. The only other lifeform known currently is the shardscale a medium-sized fish with delicious meat, secured behind a razor-sharp armour of starstone slivers that grow from between the creature's scales.

Natural Resources

While little is known about it, what is known suggests it is rich in metals and resources that can be turned into plastics.   The world's soil is very rich in starstone, giving much of the land a glittering appearance when the light hits it right. You can obtain considerable quantities of the mineral by simply running water through piles of soil filtered through a sieve.


Tourism is strictly forbidden.   Soliil are very protective of their world, forbidding entry to anyone but themselves and a select handful of non-soliil (though they are contained to windowless vehicles that dock directly with the (also windowless) room they are travelling to.   In the area of The Dust Sea surrounding their world, they have many anti-air cannons set up to deter anyone who would dare try and enter their airspace, and potentially shoot them down if they don't comply.
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