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Clara A's World Notes

"Clara A's World Notes" is a Webnet block owned by Clara Ambritt, documenting things she has learnt about the worlds and those living within. With this blog, she hopes to create a centralised resource for information that other people will be able to contribute to, something akin to Wikipedia from our own world.   Alongside Clara, Gwen Miller contributes towards technical aspects of the site and occasionally collaborates in writing pages for the site.  
WorldAnvil pages that include excerpts from the blog.  


    We don't know much about Solis, mostly because the Soliil won't let us in. I've tried asking politely many times, but they've threatened to shoot my propglider out of the air every time I've gotten near. Even in the 2 opportunities I've gotten to speak to any of them without anti-aircraft cannons pointed in my general direction, they won't even talk about it. All we really know is that it's wet and foggy, the Soliil live there and it's probably hiding so many cool secrets I wanna get my hands on.   If any Soliil are reading this and want to let me have an interview or a look around, send me a letter!
— An excerpt from an entry on Clara A's World Notes
    Starstone, a symbol of luck and forgiveness round here.   This stuff is weird, but real fascinating. A simple rock that can grow like a (very slow) plant and can float in the air if you give it electricity.
— An excerpt from an entry on Clara A's World Notes
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