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Deep Caves Base Camp Zero

Base Camp Zero is the first and, as of writing, only surface base camp for explorers of The Deep Caves. It's simple in construction, being made of a number of weather-proof rigid pole tents that serve as storage rooms, dormitories, medical rooms, offices and other facilities, with covered pathways between each tent.

Purpose / Function

The basecamp serves as a base of operations for explorations of the surrounding area, particularly the caves that open up nearby.   While in operation, from noon on the 1st day of the week to noon on the 4th day, you will be able to find teams of geologists, zoologists, botanists, and other scientists, operating in and outside of the camp, studying the freshly discovered world. During operating hours, there will be a rotating team of medics and search and rescue rangers on hand to ensure those exploring this new frontier are safe (hence why it is highly discouraged to enter the caves outside of these times).
Orbital, Outpost
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