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The Deep Caves

"The Deep Caves" is the informal name given to a recently discovered world recognisable for its rocky surface that is scattered with entrances to caves containing lush ecosystems and ancient ruins


The surface of the world is a mix of sedimentary rocks, mostly limestone and gritstone with occasional outcroppings of igneous rocks (mostly intrusive), covered with a thin layer of gravel and soil that host sparse plant life. The terrain is rough and difficult to traverse without hiking and climbing equipment thanks to loose rocky ground, valleys, hills, gorges and deep pits that lead into the cave system below. The surface has a number of rivers and lakes that flow into and bubble out of the caves, providing small sanctuaries to life on the surface.   Below the ground is a network of caverns, the depth of which is unknown, but the deepest recorded point is a little over 400 meters from the surface and it seems to go even deeper.
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