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Soliil are a sapient species found almost exclusively in Solis. They are tall humanoids with vibrant skin coming in many different hues, their skin scattered by bioluminescent spots, speckles, patches and stripes, no two individuals share the same patterns.   They are a highly insular people, few ever leaving Solis for reasons other than research trips and even fewer non-Soliil being allowed entry to their world. There is a common belief that the people of other worlds would only hinder their scientific progress, the main driving force behind their culture.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Their faces share similar proportions to that of humans, though lacking a nose. Their teeth are also laid out in a similar fashion to humans, though with their incisors and canines swapped.   Their eyes vary a lot in shape and colour. Their sclera is often dark coloured with a subtle mottling, their iris is bioluminescent and their pupils are black. Almost all individuals have at 2 pupils in each eye, though numbers as high as 16 have been recorded. Both their pupils and iris come in all manner of shapes, though they are almost always symmetrical.   They feature a structure atop their heads, known as a helmet, that is comparable to the "melon" of a beluga whale, these fleshy structures vary in shape and cosmetically serve the same purpose as hair. Their helmet functions as a medium that aids in a network of electrosensitive receptors along the outside of their skull. Curiously, the helmet has very little sensitivity of its own and has little to no blood flowing through it, because of this, Soliil are able to slice, cut and stitch it to style it as they wish

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

At birth, Soliil are only given a first name as they don't have family names, instead, last names are given when they enter the workforce, taking the name of the core that they join.   First names typically end in the suffix -ay, usually sounding akin to Pig Latin.   Their last names, when they gain them, are considered an honour so it is considered proper to refer to people by their full name.   Those who leave their work lose the right to their last name, potentially facing legal action, ranging from fines to imprisonment if found to be using it. Adults with no last name are often shunned as "no names" and are often associated with deviancy and laziness.

Common Dress Code

Soliil are rarely seen outside of their homes in anything but their core assigned uniforms. These uniforms are typically made of a thick, but flexible waterproof fabric, the details of which are a secret strongly guarded against the prying eyes of non-Soliil.   Core uniforms typically consist of a long-sleeved shirt, secured at the left side by straps and occasionally magnetic strips, long trousers and slip-on ankle boots. Each uniform is tailor-made for its wearer to be well-fitting, practical and comfortable and is replaced at least once a year to maintain a tidy state. They are coloured with accents of the colour of the wearer's core, though the main colour and pattern are often up to the wearer (within the rules of their specific core). The outfit is finalised with a broach sporting the icon of the matching core, worn on the left side of the wearer's chest.

Common Taboos

Those who make the decision to leave Solis of their own volition are considered equal to outsiders, meaning they are unlikely to ever be allowed to return. They are stripped of their last name (and all the benefits that come with it) and uniform and are forbidden from contacting residents of Solis and will be refused any help in finding their own way in the world outside.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Soliil have very little relationship with outsiders, rarely interacting with them outside of studies and occasionally passing the results of their research to outsiders who can utilise it to help the other worlds (Though even this is rare. Even during these interactions, they avoid conversation and conclude quickly. Outsiders who try and visit Solis are met with warnings to leave and anti-aircraft cannons preventing any unwanted interaction.   For Soliil who leave of their own choice, they typically hide away trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Some disguise themselves as humans with makeup and body-obscuring clothing and try to integrate, but still remain outside of communities.
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