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Station 056

Created by StukaGoggles, [bird aliens, name pending] by tomcat-tango
Station 056? Yeah, I've heard that if you're too dumb for important stuff they'll send you there.
  • astronomy student
  •   Station 056 is an almost ancient space station orbiting Straos for over a century now. It was built in the golden times of human exploration on the alien planet; hopes were high that it could help finding any valuable material depots from the bird's eye view.   After the humans eventually abandoned Straos, Station 056 remained as a remote outpost and a memorial of the invasion...


    The basic crew of this space station consists of:
    • five human scientists
    • two Arachnids (one scientist and one mechanic)
    • one [bird alien, name pending] radioman
    • (one on-board computer)
      The station's own AI is officially counted as a part of the equipment. However, the crew has accepted "Henry" as one of their own.


    The hierachy of Station 056 has been settled for years now. Travis "Oppi" Opper serves as the head of the team. This scientist has been on the Ol' Reliable for almost 15 years now, knows the station itself and Straos with all their quirks inside out. Nothing happens without his approval. And if it does anyway, prepare for the ass whooping of your lifetime.   His second-in-command is Michelle Gautier, on board only referred to as "Massive". She's an earth-born arachnid who landed on Station 056 not too long after getting her space engineering degree. Her height might only be that of a human child but don't let that fool you. That small Arachnid knows her way with a wrench and she will hit you with it.   Besides the hierachy the crew works closely together, almost like a family. Everyone looks out for each other and if anyone doubts the captain's actions they are not afraid to talk it out instead of blindly accepting it. Henry isn't an exception in this regard, even if they basically are the space station. They follow Oppi's orders as anyone else would but they are able to question those orders as well.
    Alternative Name(s)
    sub's bench, Ol' Reliable
    Orbital, Station
    Station 056's basic crew counts 8 people at all times, however on occasion the population can rise up to 21 people at most.
    Inhabitant Demonym
    The term "spider stalkers" is used as a degoratory term by other scientists.

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