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Ishras is the main settlement for Sangina within the Nissayrian Badlands. These lightning-aligned dragons have built their homes into the cliffsides and buttes of the Badlands. From the outside, these homes may look simplistic and rough hewn, but they are truly spectacular feats of architecture.   Due to the location of this settlement, typical methods of importing supplies simply wouldn't work. The badlands are large, and heat and lack and water makes travel difficult. For this reason, esseni tend to stay out of the Badlands, and wouldn't begin to think of making settlements in the area.   The Sangina, on the other hand, have capitalized on their extremely fast speeds, and are able to bring water and other supplies back to Ishras in little to no time at all. In exchange, Sangina will trade a plant that is only able to be cultivated in their lands with potent healing capabilities. Esseni are more than happy to trade for these plants, it would be next to impossible to get to them on their own.


All inhabitants of Ishras are Sangina. Esseni, being much smaller and less sturdy, are much less able to handle the extreme conditions of the Nissayrian Badlands.


The homes and buildings of Ishras are built directly into the buttes of the Badlands. The structures appear to be roughly carved from the outside, but on the inside are cavernous and formed with a delicate hand. Sangina tend to build with sweeping archways inside their buildings, and carve simplistic furniture directly from the stone around them before decorating with soft cushions or mattresses.   Without access to the powerful magitechnology present in countries such as Creni or Andaikos, the people of Ishras make due with simple runic magic throughout their homes. Runes for cool air are activated during the heat of day, and runes for warmth during the night. Elaborate rune wards are carved into the very stone of the city, making glass unnecessary, and protection simple.   To house the ruminants they survive off of, huge covered pens have been built. The animals have plenty of space to roam, are protected from the heat, and well taken care of. Every part of the animal is utilized, fiber, meat and bone.
Large town

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