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The town of Telsin, home to the hunter-mage's guild, found itself underground after a long series of quakes and sinkholes. The hunter-mages were able to protect the town buildings from serious damage through the use of ward spells, but were unable to stop the displacement.   Isolated completely, there is no known way in or out from this deep expansive cavern. Albino Beasts of the cavern constantly attempt to whittle away at the town's population, but it stays steady thanks to the great skill of the hunter-mages. They keep a vigilant watch, until there comes a day when a way out is found, but even then, the surface is not much better than underground.   It was discovered out of necessity that the Albino Beasts have certain organs that are edible, but it requires some work to get past their incredibly thick leathery hide.


Largely human, although there is a good mix of non-humans, such as lobsterfolk and cat people.


Due to the nature of the Hunter-Mages, it largely operated as a take what is needed form of government, as there was plentiful resources.


Many of the Hunter-Mages have extruded the cavern floor into makeshift barricades and walls, there are ongoing plans to create a maze that would force the Albino Beasts to use, slowing their approach and making their deaths easier.

Industry & Trade

The Hunter-Mages guard and hunt Albino Beasts, while the rest of the townspeople have been taught how to properly harvest the edible meat from the beasts.


Only the houses and such remain in good condition thanks to the wards of the Hunter-Mages, all paths and non-essentials remain broken and scattered.


Large stores of equipment, a slow growing supply of Albino Beast Meat.

Guilds and Factions

Hunter-Mages are the most prominent due to their usefulness, although the small Mining Guild have found prominence in mining ores for use as tools and weaponry.


Originally a settlement of Hunter-Mages, after a quake storm the town found itself descending deep below the surface. Thanks to the Hunter-Mages, they were able to protect most of the houses, but found themselves within a huge cavern.

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