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The last Half Elves tribe

This settlement is the last know site for half elves, they where hunted down by Minotaurs and Dwarve alike as if they where elves, when most of the elven communities don't include them. Even the humans take advantage of this and start a slave trade, a lot of half elves end in desert villages and cities, because the main human civilization prohibit slavery.


273 Human, 68 Half Elf and 1 Elf


The caves are a labyrinth for those unfamiliar here. Even locals sometimes lost their way and never return home. This is a natural defense system for the Besnonites, they made some sort of false walls to hide the main "rutes" to the large caves within the mountain where they really reside and lead, most of the time robbers or wild animals, to caves with traps: pitfalls and spear made traps.

Industry & Trade

A small mine industry of gems. They trade this for some resources with near by cities as a traveling merchants.


Benson has a ingenuous gutters system for water distribution to the main caves within the mountain. They use some type of air pump to fill up a large stone water tank made almost made near the top of the mountain and with access to the rain. The tank then has several gutters that transport the water.


Life in Besno its hard. They live in caves surrounded by desert. The mos valuable resource is water that they extract from a underground river. Most of the equipment are simple tools for grown some vegetables as primary source of food, hunt for the desert lizards, for food too but to stay safe.


A large group of half elf slaves gain its freedom and start this community, they saw the caves as a natural site to live and hide from persecution. Some important events:
  • Discovery of the underground river and plan to settle in here.
  • A group of five youngs are lost in the caves. As a precaution measure some routes are marked as dangerous.
  • Assault on the settlement by desert lizards.
  • A group of dwarves and some gnomes settle here. As payment for living they start the building of the water tank and the gutters system.
  • Second grand assault of desert lizards. The dwarven, gnome community have the major losses the survivors left the settlement.
  • Two caves with precious gems are discovered: Fire saphiress and aqua agate.
  • A group of riders discover the caves and the first grand hero of Benson is born defending the settlement. He died.
  • The first "traveling merchant" left Benso to try to avoid more raiders.
  • Three elder females know as "the sunset trio", gave the idea of the false walls and the trap caves.
  • Some Bensonites die in a collapsed cave. The settlement hire some dwarves to fortify some zones and complete the project of the tunnel to the underground river.
  • The third desert lizard assault prevented by the false walls and the traps. First time lizard meat is tasted.
  • Great flood. The rains and the river flooded several living caves, mains caves without trouble.
  • First female "pure" Elf born in centuries.
  • Dwarven are exiled from the settlement without any explanation.
  • Thieves robe a traveling merchant. The second hero of Beson return with the stolen gems.
  • 1, 000 square kilometers at the northweast of the mountain froze.
At the present time, the Bensonites are more human and less half elf but 18 years ago a "miracle" happens and the first female "pure" elf was born again.


A natural system of caves, some larger than others. Have a main cave with a main access to the surface and a created route to the interior of the mountain where an underground river resides. The surrounded land is desert. Lost and lots of sand. A constructed rock platform near the top of the mountain lets the Bensonites look for sand storms and other dangers, as raiders or large groups of sand lizards; and offer a great view of the other mountains in the place.

Natural Resources

Desert lizards are the main fauna in this desert, its a wild land with no other living settlement within nor road or post. The lizards are the main predator in the zone. The bensonites hunt this for some food and for protection. At recent years some of this lizards where the main cause of death around here.
Alternative Name(s)
The caves of the heirs
Underground / Vault
Inhabitant Demonym


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