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"Welcome to Braska, where the surface is freezing, the sub-caverns slightly less so and the wildlife is always ready to invite you to dinner." -Customary greeting at Devil's Pass, formally known as Installation 6.
  Second planet in the solar system, Braska is one of the many, wild, frontier worlds of the Tiberian Expanse. It is a hub of prospecting, hunting and trade.


Trade rights owned by the Kor Frontiers Omnimerger. All permits and access must go through Kor Frontiers to be a legal opperating entity.


Onyx security, owned and operated by the Valdareen Trust, acts as the military force present. They provide all military oversight and protection for all civilian affairs while acting as enforcers to rulings decreed by Kor Frontiers. Onyx security is run by Colonel Becket Synkar.
Local civil authorities are run through the installation's sheriff and marshal departments. These departments are governed and funded by Kor Frontiers and answer to HX-19.

Industry & Trade

Installation Six exports many natural resources as well as research specimens and artifacts. Some materials are refined on Braska while others are sent to other installations outside the planet or solar system for refinement.
The lower tiers of the Installation are reserved for merchants. These merchants come from many of the different galactic civilizations across the Coalition. These merchants supply the base with everything from food to weapons to contracting. The constant flow of merchants keeps the outpost constantly stocked with new and exotic goods for prospectors.


Devil's Pass, or Installation Six, has one of the most comprehensive outposts, complete with barracks and housing, along with mech garages and machine shops. Secured behind a six-meter thick blast door it is part civilian, part military outpost.


Braska has an abundance of opportunities for those brave enough to traverse its savage lands. From natural resources like Dendumite to valuable metals, Braska is a prospector's dream come true. For the researcher, it offers creatures unlike anything that has yet to be discovered in the known galaxy. To the Xeno-archeologists and techno unions its ancient civilizations offer glimpses into a forgotten past and a future of untold innovation.

Guilds and Factions

Civilian affairs and administrator is run by HX-19. HX-19, also known as Hex, is a limited A.I. that acts in the interests of Kor Frontiers. It oversees all contracts and trade agreements within Braska proper. It has a series of shells that it uses to interact face to face.

The Merchant Guilds within Installation Six is made up of a mix of Khaldeejan, Pact Worlds and other foreign companies. There are thousands of individual venders but below is a list of the largest vendors save for Rorance's singular anomalous vendor. Khaldeejan Companies: Ramah Foundation Koleshka Expeditions Soteck Data Robaer Salvage Lodar Robotics Kynowen Transportation   Pact World Companies: The Uhtan Company Sovian Salvage Cyris Technologies   Dominion: Hammerfall Gunworks and Gear Crimson Dawn Legion, Mercenary's Guild   Rorance: Sinestra's Bazaar


Braska was once the home of thriving civilizations. Those who come looking for the ancient treasures of the past come to know Braska as a sort of judge. Separating the worthy from the unworthy in their pursuits of a better future. Discovered twenty years before the Kreshar invasion, it was all but forgotten until the end of the war when precious resources were needed to rebuild the fragile galactic economy.
Recently with the Tiberian Expanse being established as a valuable trade zone, the Southern Khaldeejan companies have invested trillions into worlds like Braska. Seeking to use the worlds' galactic position and resources to create a powerful trade hub that is free from Coalition regulations. With opportunity came colonists willing to search for their future within the newly discovered frontier.
Braska has been officially colonized twice, though its discovery was first reported twenty years prior to the Kreshar Invasion. It wasn't until after the war, when the galactic markets were fragile and in need of new avenues of resources, that Braska's industries were brought to life. The first outpost was established fifty-three years prior to the current primary outpost of Devil's Pass. The first colony was lost during a series of chaotic events that have not been fully investigated by officials. What is known is that the first colony was thriving and then suddenly they disappeared. Those few who were able to escape tell tales of the creatures that lived their evolving and becoming feral.


Braska is classified as a Feral Mining (Singular) world . Braska's environment is a mix of tundras and frozen deserts on the surface and thermal caverns below the surface. The extent of the thermal caverns causes some scholars to reclassify Braska as a Dual world.
Braska's landscape is broken by mountains that act as natural borders between tundras and frozen deserts. The flatlands of the tundra and deserts are sometimes broken up be plateaus and canyons. Canyons are often used as highways between the subterranean and surface.
The deserts, often called the badlands, are rich with deposits. Prospectors buy claims that they maintain to extract these minerals. The tundras have more wildlife, primarily the Karak. The Karak are the newly evolved apex animals that are believed to have overrun the original settlement.

Natural Resources

"Why'd you come here?"
"Same as anyone else here."
"Ah, the crisp air."
Ander sighs.

Braska's wilderness has a plethora of resources, from mineral to biological. Its native flora is often gathered and bred to mix with other crops to produce hardy plants for terraforming and colonizing operations, or are used in topical mixtures. The Karak are highly prized for their research opportunities, though hunting them is extremely dangerous.
Prosecutors are always on the look out for large deposits of minerals like Stryxerium and Dendumite. The near-mythical Kopalescense that is used within Rorance alchemy can be found here in abundance as well. Braska's most famous resource is the precious metal Frozinium, a metal that is able to retain cooler temperatures and allowing for incredibly durable metals. It is used in cybersteel weapons and shields.
"Explore the rich wilds of the Tiberian Expanse and find your future." -Recruitment slogan for prospectors.
Owning Organization

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