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The Spring of Creation has ended, the Winter has yet to come. These are the Legends of the Fall.   Midium. Do you wish to travel between the stars? A universe filled with stars and galaxies. Ruled by knowable scientific laws, yet bent by magics and possibility. Where trillions of beings all coalesce into unfathomable stories.   Arkadia. Or would you rather explore the a universe of near infinite planar dimensions. Each interconnected and overlapping. Some open with well established trade routes. Others hidden and locked away. Unreachable unless one knows or has the key.   As an Archivist it is my duty to chronicle the stories. To merge and know them not as a storyteller but as the person's themselves. Unfortunately, my attention has been turned away from such matters... I have been away for a very very long time. For this, I must apologize. I must lay down the ghosts of the past. I must know what has happened.   The Archives must be rebuilt. The Order must be reestablished as it was before the Thristfyr. In doing this I will need the help of all who would see my passion to know and explore reflected within themselves. There are many many worlds out there. Many skies and many people. Each with their own stories to tell and I so desperately wish to know them all. -The Archivist   Kora en Sevra. Kora en Judi'ar.