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World Classifications

World Classifications

Below are a list of the world classifications accepted by the United Coalition. Worlds can have multiple classifications. Classifications typically follow a formal structure of: Civilization or wild, social status, (habitat type and specialized) status. Though sometimes this rule is broken. Often unless the habitat is singular it will only have the duel, trinity or Garden specification. Examples:
  • Aranmant: Hive Forge (Duel) World
  • Kelsheket (Ringworlds)
  • Unjagodo: Unicity, Trade-Mage (Trinity) World
  • Jalta: Barren (Desert) World
  • Suchura: Colonial Garden World
  • Dentri 7: Dead World
  • Civilized Worlds

These worlds are civilized with modern technologies. These worlds are natural habitats settled by various sentient species. They are the meeting places of culture, intellectual and religious thought within the void of space. As diverse the stars in the sky or the rain that falls from the heavens. There is something unique to find and appreciate for everyone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unicity Worlds These are usually the most heavily populated in that the entire surface of the world is one interconnecting city. There are several worlds that fall under this condition though the interconnected city is under the surface. These worlds tend to have the most advanced technologies and varied sentient life. The biggest unicities have sprawling verticle structures that reach into the sky as well as into the planet itself.   Hive Worlds are massively populated worlds with thousands of cultures and species intertwined. These worlds usually have some space between the major metropolis.   Agriculture Worlds are devoted to the growing of crops and livestock. Established mostly on moons or smaller planets to support local populations. These worlds are often tied into major trade networks. Protected under specialized regulations to ensure that aggressive species do not upset the established ecosystem.   Colonial Worlds are either in the process of being established or have not yet reached the threshold to being considered a modern civilized world. These worlds are often wild. Worlds that had native populations on them that are under modern population standards are considered to be colonial, dispute never having had a colony established.   Paradise Worlds may or may not have complex ecosystems or biospheres but they are perfect for most sentient life. The climate ranges widely as the needs of sentient beings is diverse. The populations of these worlds vary widely. Often they are used or recreational purposes and are protected.

Wild Worlds


These worlds tend to not have the luxuries of modern technology. Worlds that are inhabited by sentient beings usually have some mixed level of technology. These worlds are often protected or being researched in some way. There are times that a minor technological uplift will happen so that the inhabitants do not need to go through an industrial era. This is done to ensure the planet's environments and biospheres stay wholly intact. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Feral Worlds are worlds whose environment and biosphere have adapted or were created to be incredibly deadly to most sentient life. These worlds are usually lush fertile worlds. Sometimes mistaken as Garden or Paradise worlds by explorers. It is always wise to send probes to investigate when possible.  
Dead Worlds are planets that has had some catastrophic event that has left the environments and biospheres destroyed. These worlds are often so devastated that any modern terraforming techniques are considered to be inadequate. These worlds are often used for mining or military training as well as storage and weapons experiments. Some have been known to have ancient underground structures and caches. These worlds are not considered to have a habitat type.  
Barren Worlds have surfaces that have become devoid of life. The site of ambitious terraforming projects or experiments. These worlds tend to be singular habitat worlds but some are classified as dead worlds that have a potential to be "resurrected".

Ancient Worlds once held the sprawling civilizations of the pre-awakening precursors. Now only the skeletal remains of their once great societies remain. These are often protected as legacy worlds or as relic worlds.  
Legacy Worlds are established for a number of various reasons. It could be dictated by an Aspect with enough power to back their claim or that this is the homeworld of a sentient species. As well as for any research that may be held valuable. In cases such as these the worlds are highly regulated to protect the various ecology and biospheres as well as the native ethnic cultures. The natives of these worlds were given ownership of the world. When there were no sentient natives the worlds are protected against any settlement or colonization attempts until research is finished. Many colonial planets have started out as Legacy Worlds.

Commerce Worlds


These worlds have an above normal focus on trade and production. These worlds tend to be rich with traffic and markets. With a constant flow of resources exchanging a seemingly near infinite number of hands. These worlds usually settled on modern worlds with large populations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Trade Worlds -these worlds are nexus of business and trade. Often laying between major exporting zones as well as being on or near hyperspace trade routes. These worlds populations are transitory. These are the centers for thriving major or satellite markets.  
Forge Worlds are dedicated to creating massive projects such as military vessels or space stations. They are specialized worlds that are focused on manufacturing intensive and ambitious projects. They are tied to major resource worlds and traffic lanes to fuel their innovative efforts. Forge worlds are often solely mechanical in nature and their many processes are often controlled through artificial automation systems.  
Factory Worlds are focused on manufacturing though they don't have the capacity of forge worlds in undertaking massive endeavors. What they lack in that regard they make up in being able to manufacture almost anything else. These worlds are supplied with a great many different quantities of materials so as to be able to build anything within their ability. The have mechanical and artificial systems that are often supplemented by physical labor corps.
Industrial Worlds have minor manufacturing capabilities. They are often worked by sentient beings with limited artificial or mechanical help. These worlds often supplement their income through additional means.  
Mining Worlds are used solely for the purpose of extracting anything and everything that is usable. Mostly dead worlds are used so as to avoid any unwanted or unprofitable regulations.



These worlds are ruled over or heavily influenced by the edicts of Aspects or those who represent them. Worlds with these designations are going to vary in their purpose and regulation. Before traveling to one it is highly suggested that one research the beliefs of the world. It would not be wise to upset a temperamental Aspect or their clergy.


Shrine Worlds -These worlds are completely devoted to an Aspect. Acting as a beacon of faith and teaching to those who would devote themselves to the ideals of the patron Aspect. These places are considered holy due to the heavily manifested presence of the Aspect. Often people come here seeking a chance encounter with the Aspect, hoping some question will be answered or to gain some previously unknown wisdom.  
Sanctuary -These worlds are protected by an Aspect. Either by Visages or an Avatar but sometimes by the trained faithful. These worlds act as safe refuges within a harsh universe. Their appearance and purpose varies.   Pilgrimage/Holy Worlds -Worlds that are devoted to the honoring of Aspects, their Visages, or other holy people. These worlds are often the site of some major event in the lifetime of the person being honored. Such as the place of birth or death, or the place of a major miracle. These are sometimes used as a final resting place for those who would seek to follow the honored one's footsteps into the next life.  
Tomb Worlds -These worlds are sacred places where only the faithful are allow to gain rest for their bodies. These sites are protected in various ways. Sometimes an Aspect will charge another that is under its authority to guard over for a time. Sometimes an Aspect will make itself a guardian who diligently watches over the dead. Other protective measures used by Aspects are to mold the world and its inhabitants into deadly protectors. These are just a few ways the faithless who dare to intrude and disturb the rest of those who deserved it are warned to stay away.  
Crusader -These religious military worlds act as training grounds. Home to those who seek not only to perfect their spirit and soul but to mold their bodies in the teachings of the Aspects. These worlds often isolate themselves from unwanted outside influence so that they may seek the martial perfection of the Aspects with singular focus.  
Death Worlds -Worlds of obscene sacrifice to fallen and dark Aspects and entities. When found these worlds are often targets of holy crusades. Many times in history non-religious entities have joined to ensure the destruction of such a horrid place.

Military Wolrds


Military worlds are focused on training, equipping, establishing and maintaining a military presence throughout their respective territories. They are the peacekeepers and defenders of their realms as well as the gathering of war fleets. Military worlds are categorized as active and inactive. Active only allows solely active military personnel. Inactive allows a civilian presence within its zone of operations.


Frontier Worlds are usually outposts or border worlds. They are bases of operations for militaries. These are used as defensive and/or first-line worlds. Some worlds may even have massive civilian support populations. These worlds have both active and inactive military personnel.  
Fortress Worlds are solely dedicated to military efforts both terrestrial and non. They provide housing and training grounds for active personnel. These worlds are heavily regulated and do not allow ordinary civilian traffic. These types of systems are usually supported by nearby trade worlds that allow supplies to flow without allowing unauthorized persons into the world. These worlds are active military worlds.  
Sentinel Worlds house military peacekeeping forces. They are responsible for domestic affairs. These function the same as Frontier worlds but are within the heart of their empires. These worlds are active military worlds. These worlds only have active duty and are used in maintaining peace and security throughout its designated territory.  
Shield Worlds sometimes called Siege Worlds as they act as storage for surrounding military worlds. These worlds have stargates, jumpgates, or hyperspace lanes that allow them to keep the worlds within their region supplied during times of war. These worlds often act as advanced military research, due to their strategic location. They are heavily guarded and do not allow any unauthorized personnel. These are active military worlds.  
Xeno Worlds are unrecognized by the United Coalition and are deemed hostile by local governments. These worlds are often outside the boundaries established for each Civilization by the United Coalition. Though there are some powers like the Dominion that have vasts unexplored territories within their established borders.

Arcane Worlds


Arcane worlds hold unique properties that defy known physical laws. These worlds sometimes follow known arcane laws but not exclusively. These worlds often harbor powerful artifices or Catalysts. Some have been categorized as being infused with their own arcane power. Others are inherently pulled to one side of the arcane spectrum. These worlds offer truly wondrous experiences.


Mage Worlds are home to significant arcane communities. It has been noted that people attuned to the arcane tends to awaken arcane forces within, upon, and around the planet. Mage worlds tend to be stronger in magic forces than those worlds that cannot naturally gain this designation.  
Catalyst Worlds are worlds that have catalysts. They are usually protected by Aspects, authorized peacekeepers, religious zealots, or some other guardian force. Often heavily regulated to ensure no unwanted persons gaining access to arcane powers. These worlds have specialized arcane properties that are influenced by the catalyst itself.  
Maiden Worlds sometimes called Arcane Garden Worlds, as they are the same as Garden worlds save for the presence of arcane forces. These worlds can range from a limited arcane presence to being wholly integrated with it.  
Radiant Worlds are heavily influenced by the Rakora spectrum of arcane forces. These worlds tend to be peaceful and complex. They often have a sort of balanced structure to them. These worlds change only mildly over thousands of years without outside influence.   Umbra Worlds are heavily influenced by the Darkora spectrum of arcane forces. These worlds have a tendency to be dynamic and unpredictable. Often everything within these worlds becomes deadlier. Predators more adept at killing, prey animal's defenses significantly changed to inflect greater harm. These worlds are in a constant state of flux with species rising and falling in a matter of centuries.
  • Radiant and Umbra Worlds are changed by the way that arcane forces influence the area. Often times entire environments and biospheres (and their subsequent ecologies) are changed. This had lead to many species becoming changed to have magical properties.

Corrupted Worlds have been devastated by arcane forces. Often mistaken for barren worlds. These are places where magic can run wild causing near unpredictable consequences.

Research Worlds


Research worlds are typically designated either for their scholastic nature or their research opportunities. These worlds are usually run by administrations of intellectuals who oversee the various functions of the world.

Archive Worlds. either have vast continent sized libraries or else the planet itself is the library. Often these worlds are Ancient in nature. They house many billions of artistic, philosophical, religious, spiritual and scientific works as well as many others. These depositories of knowledge are highly valued and often the site of expansive universities and colleges.  
Preserve Worlds are given this designation are being studied or experimented upon to gain knowledge from local populations. These worlds can include sentient non-modern beings that are being studied for scientific understanding. These worlds are often protected through some legal means that grant the lead researcher(s) authority on how it is handled.  
Relic Worlds are sites of working ancient technologies or civilizations. These are often jointly owned by intellectual and military authorities. These sites are heavily regulated and protected.  
Cemetery/Grave World are worlds whose ancient sites are destroyed or non-functioning. These worlds are studied like archaeological sites. These worlds often have colonial settlements.

World Habitats

  World habitats come in as many different ways as there are stars in the sky. World habitats are defined as simple (singular, duelistic or trinity) or complex (Garden Worlds). Simple habitat worlds still have variation but it is limited. They become more focused and specialized still holding complex ecologies but usually don't have the variety that is typical for Garden Worlds.
  Singular Worlds are predominately one habitat. Though sometimes there are small pockets of "sub-habitats". They are at least 75% one habitat type. Habitat types include (but not limited too): Desert, Jungle, Swamp, Tundra, Ocean, Gas, Wetland, Forest, Mountain, Savanna, Rain Forest, Grasslands  
Duel Worlds have predominately two major habitat types.   Trinity Worlds have three major habitat types.  
Garden Worlds and Paradise worlds are often confused with one another. How garden worlds get their designation is wholly dependent on the ecosystem and biosphere that the planet has. These worlds may or may not suit sentient life. If these worlds are referred to as civilized they tend to have lower populations. These worlds must have at least four major habitat types to be considered a Garden world.

Specialized Worlds


These worlds are outside the normal qualities for planets. These worlds are unique and incredibly rare.

Crystalline Canopy Worlds have solid crystalline structure in the atmosphere. These worlds have higher atmospheric pressure giving them incredibly unique properties. The surface of these worlds are only accessible through specialized skyhook that runs from the surface, up through the Crystalline Canopy and out into the orbital space station. Most of these planets were discovered with skyhook(s) already established. Though there are a number of records with these worlds without them.
  Twilight Worlds are so large that they either do not spin in the usual manner usually due to their bulky size. One half of the planet is in constant sunlight. The other in perpetual midnight. Usually, only a small portion where the two meet are habitable. This portion is within the "twilight" zone of the planet that never sees true day or night. It is stuck in a constant stay of twilight.  
Pocket Dimension/Micro-verse exists within defined space, unlike the outside galaxy. These dimensional worlds can be as simple as a singular world to as complex as many interconnected worlds.

Artificial Worlds


Artificial Worlds fall into two major categorizations: mega and minor structures. Though a second categorization has been purposed for pre and post reawakening. These structures are created through technology and not through natural forces. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Flatworlds are flat mega-structure. Like ancient maps these worlds have defined edges. Though they tend to have massive mountainous walls that keep any unlucky explorer from falling off. Almost all are double sided with passages through the ground to allow for travel to both sides. These worlds typically have one habitat, though there are some that are the equivalent of garden worlds. These worlds tend to be in orbit around a star, flipping sides to simulate day and night.   Craftworlds are able to move from one solar system to another. They use artificial light sources to simulate day and night cycles. These ships have incredibly powerful engines and hyperdrive capabilities. Some have the ability to merge with other craftworlds. They are sometimes called Nomadworlds.
  Ringworlds are made up of rings that spin around a star. Within these rings are They usually have artificial systems such as climate and weather control to simulate natural environments. Sphereworlds are massive spheres that encase one or more planets within a massive shell. The largest can contain an entire solar system. The shell typically acts as a solar generator to provide power to everything inside the sphere. Though there a some that have land upon their interior just like a flatworld or ringworld. Worlds within the sphere tend to be isolated due to having to pass through the spheres security protocols.  
Shellworlds looks normal but underneath is a hollow shell. Sometimes called Holloworlds, they are typically used as storage or repair yards. They have been known to hide fleets or long range surveillance stations. These worlds are often kept a secret from the public.
  Discworld are the largest and most rare of the mega-structures. Shaped like a donut that rotates around an inner central powersource, often a sun or small black hole. These worlds are impossibly large often having at least a million time the surface space of the average planet. These worlds are powered by incredibly sophisticated technologies that keep it running. These worlds have to have their own artificial sun(s) or else use statites (reflective solar mirrors). These worlds are also double sided.


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