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Ravenstone is a testament to the determination and persistence of a people determined to live their own lives free of oppressive monarchies. Though the Northern Wilds is harsh and at times unforgiving it is also home to a plethora of resources for those creative enough to make use of them.


Human: 300

Other: 12


Matters of the village are overseen by the local magistrate, as all villages and towns in the Wilds are. Though the office was appointed by House Nightham in far-off Amersmere many centuries ago, the magistrate quickly got accustomed to running the village without the influence or advice of the noble house and they were content to allow it. Nowadays, short of truly serious matters, Ravenstone's magistrate Marcus Windsor handles the affairs of the village himself.


Ravenstone relies largely on its civilian militia who defend the town and the roads to neighbouring towns. Defense of the roads are shared with the next town's civilian militia in that each will defend their end of the road halfway where the other town continues the defense. Members of the militia are rotated between defending the village and the farms that surround it so that none are confined to one place or the other.

Industry & Trade

The village actively trades with the handful of other towns and villages that became established in the Wilds. The town market is the hub of commerce and a combination of both established stands and spaces for visiting caravans to set up shop. Some goods such as vegetables and meats are easily provided by the farmers but trade goods such as textiles, grains and herbs can come from as far away as Sunwick. During the spring and summer months Ravenstone sees the occasional caravans that come in from Breakwater Port, merchants who have either crossed the seas or bought goods from a visiting ship to showcase more exotic and seldom-seen goods.


The town itself consists of villager homes, a farmer's market that also plays host to traveling merchants and various businesses. The local tavern is The Copper Mug run by the dwarven couple Wendel and Tiza Greatbeard, who've owned it since their arrival to Ravenstone almost two hundred years ago. Elaine DeLavey owns The Hammer 'n Anvil blacksmith shop with her husband Collin, not far from Jasper's Goods owned by Jasper Paxton. Ben Bartlet owns Bartlet's Trade Goods and is where locals and visitors can find goods and equipment beyond the everyday goods. Anna Farthing is the local tailor and runs her business from her home near the center of the village. James Turner is the local stable master and fifth generation owner, his great-great-grandfather had moved the stables from their original place just outside the village to beside The Copper Mug where the stable has been ever since. John Rainer is the local carpenter and Wesley Fielder the local leatherworker, both whom also work out of their homes. The magistrate's home sits in the middle of town and a small building that serves as the barracks for the local militia is also where Nikova Clark resides as head of the militia.


Ravenstone was one of the first of the Homestead settlements to be established in the Northern Wilds in 2784. It began as a small collection of merchants and townsfolk from a neighbouring kingdom who tired of the monarchy and its impositions. They traveled northward as far north as they could go, seeking out lands free of others' rule. Their travels brought them to the untamed wilderness that would come to be known simply as the Northern Wilds.

Though they encountered many difficulties trying to carve out a living in such a harsh and sometimes unforgivable land the townsfolk persevered. They hunted, they made use of the resources they had brought and those they found in the wilds, and with each generation the town of Ravenstone eventually took root. Four hundred sixty-two years later Ravenstone is a thriving village enjoying the sacrifice and efforts of its pioneers.


Ravenstone sits on predominantly grasslands, which has made it ideal for most crops and cattle farming. Access to water is mostly via wells that tap into underground sources but most farms have access to large ponds or streams as well.
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