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he rounded the rocky arm of a broad bay where brown blades of kelp tumbled in the wash. A small platform of pegged wood perched on the tip of the rocky arm that nearly met the other arm of the bay, leaving a narrow pass between the two.   Huge tree trunks and branches stripped bare and silvered by sun and salt crowded the eastern side of the bay. Driftwood he understood, but there amid the floating logs stood a number of dead trees, their single trunks straight and tall, their bare branches stretched out like whale ribs. Some of them slanted and some had nearly surrendered to the ocean, leaning over so far only their branches emerged above the water.   He only knew of a few kinds of trees that grew in shallow ocean near the shore. These looked nothing like them. His attention then latched onto something stranger than all the unused wood.   In the middle of the floating logs were a number of straight stone shapes, two domes, and a broken tower with crooked lines of cracks in the walls. Water lapped gently against their sides. The cliff behind the lines, domes, and tower had a hollow spot, as though a giant hand had scooped away part of the land.


All humans and Tezledek


Self governed since 'the collapse'.


Rolocton is practically defenseless. So they are vulnerable to invasion or shake downs

Industry & Trade

Since "the collapse" the survivors have simply kept to themselves and are doing just fine with a bartering system. Most of the valuables they had have been extracted by the ungol.


A town with about 90 houses, several barns and a few warehouses. There are a few rotting docks and two medium sized sail boats that are mostly unused. Three iron mines ring the bay. A collapsed castle that has slid into the water decorates the east side of the bay.


The mines still contain iron, and the ruined sunken castle has unknown treasure.


Rolocton was a primary source of iron for Discoria, with several active mines and a large castle where the Discorian overseers lived. After an unfortunate deal with a magician (to protect their treasure) the castle mysteriously collapsed into the bay. The disaster was so profound that in the intervening 20 years Discoria has not re-established control of the island.


Two story wood plank homes, brightly painted.


Rolocton (the town) is the only settlement on Rolocton Island, which lays just of the southern coast of Discoria. The terrain is mountainous and lush with long-needle pine and other foliage.

Natural Resources

Iron and Lumber

The settlement remains, but the castle was destroyed in 2480 AC.


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