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Keen Eye Outpost

Written by Valiant Requiem

All sailors know to a keep a weather eye out on the horizon. The first Epiphian settlers that journeyed to Euphoria over 700 years ago understood that fact intimately upon bracing themselves against the glass storms. Though King Glenn Windborne had accomplished his goal of calming them, their presence in the area was a haunting reminder that Euphoria was a new land with many hidden dangers.   The King knew that keeping an eye on the storms as best one could meant being close to where they formed. The first attempts at researching the Glass Storms began north of the slowly growing capital city, in the Keen Eye Outpost. It was partly a research outpost and partly a military installation. The outpost researched methods of protecting oneself against the storms as well as sent soldiers into the nearby mountains to gather materials or discover the means by which the glass formed.   Over the next several centuries, the Keen Eye Outpost continued its efforts, as well as acting as part of the front-line in the Beastfolk War.


Solid stone walls line the perimeter with spiked barricades in place throughout the outpost when needed to slow approaching enemies or block entrances and exits. The outpost also has the natural safety of the surrounding hills to the north and the Burrow to the south. Though the outpost acts mostly as a safe haven for passing travelers going in and out of the Bathelor Kingdom, it is entirely capable of defending itself against large forces.


The Keen Eye Outpost began its history in 1 Landfall as a research outpost meant to discover the source of the Glass Storms and end them if possible. What began as a research outpost quickly became a military one as the area outside of Glass required a standing force that could respond to any threat from the environment. Though the nearby Dwarven kingdom of Bathelor had yet to be fully established, the Keen Eye Outpost was instrumental in creating a peaceful co-existence between the two groups of settlers who had already begun to declare their differences. Acting as a quiet space to discuss trade agreements and establish running governments, the Keen Eye Outpost is not a stranger to diplomats and ambassadors.   Though the purpose of the Keen Eye Outpost was to research the Glass Storms specifically, it also discovered the first uses of the Glassleaf and its potential as a substitute ingredient in healing potions. The outpost was known for its many expeditions into dangerous and unknown parts of the region as well as its discoveries therein.


A walled outpost on the main road leading from the Dwarven kingdom of Bathelor to the City of Glass. Nearby hills operate as potential cover during combat and the local forest is a source of ingredients for healing potions.
Outpost / Base
2,000, Maximum

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