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The nearest settlement to the border of the Kingdom of Caloth from the Vermillion Expanse. A growing town of hardworking people surrounded by friends and enemies born from their success in the wild lands of the Expanse.


Humans and Half Humans (Half Elf, Half Orc, etc.) - 60percent Small Folk (Dwarves, Haflings, Gmones) - 30 percent Beastfolk (Centaurs, Lizard Folk, Orcs, etc) 10 percent


Redacre is led by a Centaur named Agrios and his small council


15 ft wooden palisade surrounding the village, with two watchtowers Small Kynwali outpost 2 miles from town 15 active village guards Roughly 500 village militia

Industry & Trade

Most residents are farmers, seamsters, and laborers. The largest export is handmade clothing and excess food to nearby villages. Major imports include meats, construction material, and various small goods.


Road leading to Kynewal Wheat and vegetable farms A watermill


The Wild Run tavern Torbek's Smithy Mokk's Stuff and Shinies general store Timble's Watermill


Redacre started as a small village set in an open field surrounded by Vermillion Bloom flowers. It was a quiet village, though subjected to raids by Gnolls and Orc tribes from time to time. Being the closest settlement to the border, it had come into brief contact with the Drakenvos Dominion, set to become their staging area for southern expansion. When the rebellion broke out within the Dominion, the occupying forces were recalled, and Redacre continued its quiet existence, now more wary of northern folk. Sometime after the establishment of the Kingdom of Caloth, the village was contacted again, this time by soldiers from the city of Kynewal, asking if they could set up an outpost near their settlement. After much debate by the village council, they agreed.   The outpost made an immediate difference in the lives of the villagers. The experienced fighters from the outpost worked tirelessly to secure the town against Gnoll and Orc attacks, often riding to the defense of the village. Word spread across the Expanse and people from other settlements and a few nomadic groups flocked to Redacre.   Now Redacre is one of the largest settlements in The Expanse and the closet allied settlement to the Kingdom of Caloth. Though it has grown more powerful, it has also sparked the ire of other settlements and has become a tempting prize to the Orc warlords and Gnoll packs that hunt the fields of the Exapnse.


Redacre sits in an open field surrounded by grass and flowers, with the Red River flowing through it. Rolling hills surround the town to the east and west, forming a wide flat valley.
Around 2000
Inhabitant Demonym

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