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Like all Rushil people, the Kriyans rely on the swamp and its living maze for protection.

Industry & Trade

Kariya's biggest industry is fishing. Out of concern for taking too much from the swamp which protects and provides for them, the Kariyans have built a number of fish farms that are for the sole purpose of harvesting fish for trading or eating.   Due to their buildings, roads, bridges, and homes being built in the trees, every inch of fertile ground is available for farming, making it Karlya's second biggest industry and second biggest export.   Spices are Kariya's biggest export, and third biggest industry, with many herbs and spices growing only in the Misty Wetlands in high demand. Just like with their fishing industry, the Kariya and all Rushil people worry about taking too much from the swamp so they grow a limited amount of crops every year that are intended to be used or traded.   Crafted goods such as mats and baskets made from reeds and grasses are also commonly traded with other nations,


The roads and bridges of Kariya, are held up above the ground by silt like structures or are large branches that have been converted into a bridge or road. In the part of town that's closer to the swamp, fish farms have been built allowing the people to fish without worrying about taking too much from the swamps. On the other side of the town, watermills have been built on the banks of rivers.


Every Rushil Dwelling is built into, around and on top of the trees of the Misty Wetlands leaving nearly every bit of fertile land to be used for farming. Their homes, buildings, bridges, and walkways are all built using willow, oak, or elm trees and their doors and windows are covered with thin see through fabric that allows light and wind to come in, but keeps bugs out.
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