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This small town sits on Solace Islet, part of the Euhukoa Empire. The islet floats in the sky at 4,000 feet above sea level. This, combined with the small area, makes Solace one of the most isolated settlements in the empire. Two other settlements on two different islets exist in Euhukoa but they are at a lower altitude and receive a bit more frequent traffic.


There is a great number of different races with a lot of the known above ground dwellers present in some capacity. Aarakocra are the most numerous among them.   With nothing much to trade and not a lot of need for coin, most people in Solace are of the same level of comfort - which is to say, not much.


There is not a lot of influence from the empire in Solace. The Imperial Guard sent to keep an eye on things quickly become integrated in the system they have there to avoid starvation. Everyone is expected to chip in and work for the greater good together. However, there is a group of elders who are seen as the leaders of the community and people turn to them for advice or if they need an argument settled. In that manner Solace has its own government and a lot of the population don't have any loyalty to the Empress or the empire.


A tall wall made of large stone blocks and reinforced with wood and metal protects the town and the area around it from some of the effects of weather.

Industry & Trade

Everyone does a bit of everything, whatever is needed from them that particular day. There is tending the produce, taking care of livestock and other animals, fishing in the lake, weaving fabrics, and many other jobs. Solace doesn't have trading in the traditional sense. All of the resources go to the same place, large warehouses in the middle of the town, and if people need anything they go there and ask for it. Depending on the availability or needs of the town at large, everything is distributed as fairly and evenly as possible. This job falls on individuals who are elected each year.


Large greenhouses, constructed like glass domes, contain all of the produce grown on the islet in order to protect them from the strong winds and storms that happen during any time of the year.

Natural Resources

There is little vegetation on the islet other than grass and what is grown in the greenhouses, but there are some trees growing in town and closest to the wall on the outside. There are sheep, cows, chickens, and hippogriffs. An almost excessive amount of birds have made a home on Solace Islet and are good prey for hunting.
Approximately 2650


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