In the beginning there was only The Weaver and The Eater. Both had journeyed together from far realms until they reached this place which was pure and untouched. The Weaver began to weave existence, but for each part of it she made, The Eater came along and devoured it. The Weaver thought for a time and then began to weave the thickest and most filling thread she could, feeding it to The Eater until even it was sated and fell into a slumber. The Weaver then took several pure threads and securely tied up the sleeping Eater and placed it just outside the space that would be existence. Then The Weaver turned her hand to the task and wove all of existence and when she was finished she looked at what she had made and was satisfied.   However she had wasted so many threads to sate The Eater she had little left with which to make those who would care for existence. All that was left were scraps of threads. She gathered them up and wove the bits and pieces together into a single thread and this she used and wove into being Berana, The God of Chaos. By his power all of existence became flooded with the primordial chaos from which all things would emerge. The Weaver then noticed that she had set aside a single perfect thread that she had wished to use in weaving existence but had never found a place for it. She gathered up this thread and wove into being Yshirea, The God of Order. By Yshirea’s hand did the primordial chaos began to form patterns and this angered Berana. The two fought warring against each other but neither one gaining the upper hand. The Weaver saw this and plucked the embroidery from her robe and used it to weave into being Murien, The Goddess of Balance. It was Murien who stopped them from fighting, who showed them the value in each other’s strengths and how each could elevate the other.   For a time it was only those three, creating and working together to form the idea….the potential of what the world could and would be. Once the potential was there, Berana, Yshirea and Murien asked The Weaver for one to make the potential they envisioned into reality. The Weaver took the remainder of her robe, rendered it into thread and wove Karashiel, The Goddess of Nature. Karashiel saw the potential for the world and was pleased with it. She took to her task with vigor and created all the lands and the seas and the skies and all things which would inhabit them from the smallest insect to the largest animal. By her hand Humans and Elves and Dragons were created, though the ideas of those races came from Berana and Yshirea.   The world now made of substance and populated by all things, but Karashiel was not able to provide the gift of life to all things. Not even Berana or Yshirea or Murien could do that. So they looked to The Weaver and she gathered all her hair and carefully separated it into two piles. These piles she rendered into thread and she wove both threads at the same time and brought into existence Seram, The Goddess of Life, and Xistan, The God of Death. Together the two of them walked over all of creation and gifted both life and death to all things. Because all things that live must be able to die, Murien would accept it no other way and her presence meant all things must balance, either in themselves or from without.   Yet in order for things to live and to die there must be decay, Berana spoke. There must be a breakdown. All things that are Order must devolve into Chaos. Yshirea was unhappy with this but Murien explained this was not an attack on him, but simply a matter of how things must be in order to balance. For without the gradual breakdown of Order into Chaos, all things would stagnate and be forever unbalanced. To this end The Weaver took breath after breath and rendered it into thread and wove this thread into Rioris, The God of Time and by his hand was there time and did the world and all existence begin to move forward in its flow.   With the world moving through time and the races beginning their existence, Yshirea spoke to The Weaver about the need for cycles. Thus it was that The Weaver pricked her wrist upon her spindle and drew forth blood from her body which she turned into thread and this thread she wove into Zolaris, The God of the Sun and he took to the heavens burning brightly and shining his light upon the world. Not finished The Weaver drew forth her knife and cut into her body, removing bone. This bone was rendered into thread and woven into Runalia, The Goddess of the Moons. She set into the sky two moons to give the world light even during the night. Zolaris, handsome and confident, immediately fell for Runalia’s shy beauty and began to pursue her across the skies.   The Weaver looked upon the world that her creations had made and she saw what they could not. There were still forces not controlled within this world. Forces which needed control, needed management. Though she felt herself tiring, she took to her work once more, and she took her name and rendered it into thread and from this she wove Arcana, The Goddess of Magic and all things magic came under her control. The Weaver then took her mind and rendered it into thread and this she used to weave Estarn, The Smith of the Heavens. Immediately he set to work and forged all of the stars in the sky and much of the more subtle workings of the world. The Weaver then took her very heart from her chest and rendered it into thread and from it she wove Navendia, The Goddess of Fate. Though she felt herself failing still she drew forth her soul and rendered it into thread and wove Cendar, The God of Chance. The Weaver took one last look at the world and saw that it was complete, it was balanced. Satisfied and leaving the world and all of existence in the hands of her creations, The Weaver retreated for she was very tired and wished to rest.   This is the tale of how the world came to be.


This is the story of how The Weaver created all of Existence itself and the Elder Gods, and how the Elder Gods created the world.


This story is the most widely known and believed version of the Creation story in the world.

Variations & Mutation

Within the Chorus of Harmony it is believed that Yshirea, the God of Order, was the first God to be woven by the Weaver.

In Art

This story is almost always found in tapestry form, the woven images not only relating the story, but the words of the story themselves woven into the design.
Date of Setting
At the beginning of time itself.


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