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The sun had just barely risen and I was already exhausted. The sweeping of the temple grounds had been a long and arduous process, but it was done now. Now all I had to do was prepare breakfast for the residents of the temple as per my daily tasks. I got started cooking, starting with frying up some rice cakes, adding some steamed vegetables, and boiling water for tea.   While waiting for everything to cook, I watched as a group of initiates walked by, their eyes filled with light and wonder, lost in the sounds of birds chirping outside or perhaps stories from Master Li's teachings that they were told last night after dinner. It always filled me with pride when they walked past - knowing that I had once been like them when I first arrived here.   — A Seasoned Monk of Wuxia


The Monks of Wuxia are headquartered on Obsidian Island , although different Orders of monks exist on different continents.   Each Order has a Head Monk, that oversees and coordinates all tasks and training on their respective continents:  


The Monks of Wuxia view their rigorous martial arts training as part of their duty to protect the natural world of Wuxia. The difficult training the Monks undergo prepares them to fight against any forces that threaten to throw the natural world into chaos.   Due to the urgency of the Monks' mission, their training is highly secretive, and they are wary of outsiders misusing their knowledge and techniques. The Monks are often wary of making alliances.   The Monks of Wuxia value the wisdom of their traditions. To preserve the knowledge of past generations, initiates are taught to memorize all of their teachings.

Public Agenda

The Monks of Wuxia exist to protect the natural world of Wuxia, its knowledge, and its treasures.


The Path of Knowledge is the Code of Conduct for Monks in the martial arts world of Wuxia. It details their duty to preserve the natural world, their vows and requirements, their physical training routine, martial arts skills, and more. Every Monk — from the youngest initiates to the oldest most respected masters — follows this philosophy. This code was written by Master Li who sought to create a Martial Arts Order that would unify all his disciples under one creed:   "Preserve what is good; Rebuild what has been destroyed."   But how do you rebuild what has been destroyed? The answer is to build upon the foundation of knowledge.   Master Li believed that his disciples should be able to defend themselves, but also have a thorough understanding of what they are defending. The Path of Knowledge teaches Monks how to do this: it details martial arts skills and techniques in order for them to know when best to use each skillset.   Master Li also knew that the Monks would be tasked with protecting Wuxia's natural world and its treasures.   This is why he created a physical training routine for them to achieve their peak fitness, as well as adding in skills such as reading maps or even mathematics so they could better calculate trajectories of projectiles or do complex equations.


When it comes to martial arts training, Monks of Wuxia are expected to practice the routines of various disciplines every day. From sweeping the Temple grounds to preparing dinner for all the Temple's residents, to memorizing the Code of Conduct. As for physical training, Monks are expected to practice how to be in peak condition at all times and maintain their bodies through continued exercise.   Similarly, they are expected to study all aspects of nature and its natural systems such as weather patterns, plants or animal behavior. Harmony with nature, and respect for all living creatures are at the core of their teachings. Every day's tasks are balanced and are designed to help Monks learn more about themselves, as well as foster a sense of respect for all living creatures.   Several fighting styles and techniques are limited to only the most senior monks. These techniques are not taught to initiates because of the danger they present.

Preserve what is good; Rebuild what has been destroyed.

Religious, Monastic Order
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The Monks
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