Wuxia is a martial-fantasy world where humanity is exploring a land long forgotten and simultaneously confronting new and mysterious dangers. The world itself is bright and vibrant -- from lush verdant tropical jungles to desert vistas under purple-red sunsets. If you're not careful, Wuxia's creatures can be just as dangerous as some of its residents.
Based on the Island of Votum, expeditions have set out to seek out and protect ancient knowledge for the benefit of all future generations. Some brave adventurers begin the Path of the Martial Artist in Votum and embark on a great journey touching all of Wuxia's shores. But not all adventures begin in Votum. You see in Wuxia, even the most unlikely heroes can stumble onto the Path of the Martial Artist, and go on to discover their inner potential.
One such someone was, of course, Taichito ...

The world of Wuxia is much older than the people currently living in it. Much is not known about the origins of this mysterious world. But there’s at least one story about how it was shaped…

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The spirited world of Wuxia is full of fun, wonder, many unknowns. The martial arts play a vital role in furthering the exploration of the world, and more importantly, as a source of personal growth. In Wuxia, adventure can often find you.
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But tensions are rising in Wuxia. Mysterious Snake Riders have begun raiding various ancient sites across the land, the ground shakes below, and the Monks of Wuxia are very concerned.

Quick Primer

The known world of Wuxia is divided into 6 continents, with different regional geography:   Central Wuxia , a lush tropical forest lush with plants and animals of all varieties.   Island of Votum , home to most humans of Wuxia, and the most technologically developed continent of the world.   Island of Sabulo , a harsh desert continent jutting out of the sea. Its plain are rough, sandy and inhospitable.   Island of Calidus , the most geographically diverse land with grassy plains, inland swamps, a spectacular crater waterfall, and a flaming forest.   Island of Gelida , a continent of rocky peaks and frozen lakes and inlets. Prone to sudden ice storms, life exists both above and below its frozen ground.   Obsidian Island , a rocky caldera accessible only by boat and dragon. Home to the Dragon Riders of Wuxia.
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