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Aurris Series

  The Aurris Sea-City has turned out to be one hell of a writing adventure for Summer Camp 2022. This one article has spawned 7 other articles totaling over 7800 words with lots of other spin off ideas. I am going to poke and prode this with the idea it could grow into a campaign.  


Arts of Rimmi
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 27, 2023
The Art of Rimmi refers to a tradition of dance and song handed down across generations to protect families and communities from ill fortunes.

Condition | Jan 27, 2023
The term Ro'Siltush comes from an ancient elven Koisk dialect. Roli means destruction and Siltush meaning flame. The term is more academic or learned healer and refers to the destruction of the flame that ignites the soul, more or less.

Sirens of the Deep
Myth | Jan 27, 2023
Beautiful creatures at home in the sea are more attractive than dancers or brothel girls and voices dripping with lust, love and the promise of something better.



WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction
Aurris - Inner Ring
Settlement | Jul 29, 2022

Inner Ring

The third ring or the inner ring of the Aurris Sea-City. The most secure and location of the Aurris Drive and the Hall of Glass.


The Community

  • Are you crew or community, are they the same or are they different?
  • What does it mean to have only three crime and three punishments?
  • How do they balance freedom and safety?
  • Do those two truths conflict? If so what next?

  • Cover image: Aurris Trade Route Map Cover by Graylion on MidJourneyAI


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