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Sirens of the Deep

Beautiful creatures at home in the sea are more attractive than dancers or brothel girls and voices dripping with lust, love and the promise of something better. The myths are told from coast to coast and have them in all shapes, sizes and skins. They range from mermaids to deep water succubus all intent on inviting or dragging the sea-goers to a watery doom. Some say the are the spirits or ghosts of all that have died at sea while others proclaim them to be devils from another realm waging war against the surface from the protection of the underwater realm.    

The Devil Made Me Do It

  It is fairly common for someone to proclaim, "the devil made me do it", or the "I followed the voice in the glass". This is any easy way for a man or woman to shift blame for a minor infraction to the sirens of the sea.

A Darker Shade of Blue

  It is also not uncommon for all manner of crimes to get blamed on the sirens. Assassin have left rumors or evidence that their target chose the sea casting away their current situation. Vengeful spouses claim they have not seen their partner but were acting funny, "I think the Sea Devils got them".

A Watery Love

  As the myth goes, a man or woman hears the song of the sirens or the "amtiki", voice of love compelling them to join the beautiful voice into the ocean and their death. The other common example is the siren shows her body through the clear and calm waters enticing their target with "timissiki", lust and attraction of their body.

Aurris Secrets

  On board the Aurris Sea-City this myth is fairly popular and also encouraged by Osril Methos Aurris as a means if misdirection or distraction from the side effects of the Aurris Drive. Despite the well trained guards and Fleet crew the community places stock in the myth of the sirens.


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