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Azure Arms

While I am very pleased with many of my Summer Camp articles this one should be considered a Work in Progress. It will most likely be edited after the submit date and should not be considered for judging or prizes. Thank you.

WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction

  The guards of the Aurris Sea-City and the fighting men of the Fleet are armed with several versatile firearms making them formidable and effective. In line with the driving goals of Freedom and Safety handed forward by Osril Methos Aurris the fight crew of the Aurris Sea-City is equipped with specialized version of the already rare Dragon Pistols and firearms.

Safety & Fire

  One of the greatest threats at sea is fire and the Azure dust while explosive when used is crafted and treated to specifically be not flammable. So while the actual hull and structure of the Aurris Sea-City is flame resistant there is a great deal of items, cargo, clothing and the like that is always at risk of catching fire. This provides the effect of explosive powders without the risk of fire.

Freedom & Secrets

  This is one of the items that do not fall within Osril Methos Aurris vision of freedom. The gathering of rare and raw materials is kept secret, the process of alchemy and crafting is kept secret and well guarded. Azure weapons are often requested for inspection and in the event of a "missing" weapon this is treated with immediate and serious attention focusing on the crew member that "lost" it and the recover of said item.



  A small team of specialists are dedicated to the gathering of the raw material, the alchemy of perfecting the the Azure power, the crafting of the actual firearms and the security of the entire operation. The Azure Arms are never included in trade deals. Exploration and gathering teams will be sent inland while at certain port cities close to mountainous regions to gather raw materials. They will be picked up in approximately six months on the next Aurris Trade Route passage or in rare instances a single Fleet ship sent to retreive them and rendezvous with the Aurris Sea-City.


Azure Stingers

  The Azure Stingers, Hang Stingers or just Stingers are small pistols to be held and fired in one hand. They use the Azure powder to launch small tipped darts that incapacitate their targets with paralysis or unconsciousness. This is the "goto" weapon to try and end unrest or a threat with minimal injury or loss of life.


Azure Guns

WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction

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