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Seven Deadly Sins Casino

The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as Zins or Zindrick’s, is said to rest at the heart of The Maze in Down Shadow ... if such a thing can be said. Zindrick’s is the pinnacle of rampant overindulgence and sin, where everything has a price. A single set of enormous brass doors marks the only known entrance inside the establishment, swinging inward with ease and silence. These impressive doors are said to be a sister set to its pair crafted for the City of Brass by the Flameheart Azer. Each door is inscribed with seven symbols of unknown origin, enchanted with such mastery that their full effects are almost impossible to discern. No other windows, portals, light holes, or openings of any kind lead into or out of the seamless onyx walls.    


1st Sin - Greed

  The promenade overlooks the spiral descent into the lower floors. Twin stairs crawl down around the left and right walls, away from the main entrance at each level. Rune-covered brass lanterns line the walls, glowing with the ephemeral light of prismatic flames.   A dozen or more guards await on the promenade to check and assist guests coming and going. The guards make sure that the Rules of the House, which are engraved on the floors in front of the stairs, are acknowledged. It is accepted upon arrival that you have achieved the first sin with the rest of your journey, known as the Descent. A quick way to exit the building is causing any disturbance at the Coin Counter. This leads to four guards grabbing each arm and leg, hoisting a guest horizontally, and escorting them quickly from the premises.  

Rules of the House

  Coin, Chips or Blood   No Cheating or Blood   Weapons Never Drawn or Blood  

Coin Counters

  At the center of the First Sin is where it all begins, with the Coin Counters. Dominating this space, as if poured into shape using flow-craft sorcery, is a solid brass octagonal island. Guests step up to exchange their coins for chips, chips for coins, or manage their ledgers. As guests step up to the counter, an enchantment of silence protects them, allowing them to keep their interaction private from those to their left and right, as well as outside of the Coin Counters area. The Coin Counter is serviced by eight clerks that are never the same from one night to the next, while two supervisors watch over interactions and transactions. The ever-changing schedule of Coin Counters, dealers, and attendants seems to discourage any misbehavior from rebellious staff and unscrupulous guests.  
Seven Deadly Chip 1.png
Seven Deadly Sins Chip 1 by Graylion
Seven Deadly Chip 2.png
Seven Deadly Sins Chip 2 by Graylion
  The House Chips have the weight and texture of kilned clay, with each denomination a different color. The two faces are identical, each embossed with a black circular border and a gold denomination rune in the center. This allows experienced gamblers to select chips by touch alone. Inscribed around the value rune is a continuous seven-pointed star in black, followed by seven blood-red sevens. The edge has small divots to aid grip and manipulation.  
The gold denominations are 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100.
  The chips’ unique properties come into play when someone tries to leave the building with them or attempts to use magic on them. Doing either causes the coins to dissolve into grey smoke. The staff is always on the lookout for anyone tampering with their chips, a quick way to get barred...forever. For some, this adds to the mystery of the Seven Deadly Sins even existing. Needless to say, the forgotten chip here or there creates extra profits for the house.    

2nd Sin - Envy

Gaming Floor

Card & Dice Games

  The Second Sin, or the gaming floor, is the real draw and attraction for the masses that visit. This is where the bulk of the well-known card and dice games take place. This floor features dozens of gaming tables with popular favorites intermixed with games that change from one night to another. The house makes certain that dealers never run the same table twice in a row or follow any apparent schedule. Both the attendants and the guards are well known for their ability to spot even the subtlest cheaters. Have all the shady dealing, meetings, and conversations you want; just don’t cheat the house or the players. If you are winning and the dealer is courteous and helpful, it is customary to tip their hard work.

Alternative Names
Casino of Sin, Zindricks, Sindricks
Parent Location


Down Shadow

  Down Shadow is the seedy, secret, and criminal Undercity or Underside of the city above. Down Shadow lies beneath the sewers and may only be reached through intent and knowledge, with the briefest of few stumbling upon it through chance. While it exists below the sewers, no portion of it is fixed in any specific location.    

Basilisk Square

  Basalisk Square is the one and only entrance into the The Maze from the Sewers. It acts as the one hub or physical route to and from the many entrances and exits between the Sewers and Down Shadow. The square has over a dozen stone archways spaced around the perimeter of the hundred-foot square courtyard. The courtyard is littered with stone statues featuring all manner of creatures. Rumors and theories run wild, talking about the place being a demon queen's trophy room, medusa's hunting ground, or even a nexus between the mortal world and outer worlds.    

The Maze

  The The Maze is a magical and supernatural barrier that surrounds Down Shadow and Basalisk Square protecting them from unveiling magics, enhanced senses, and divinations. Once you have learned the location of something within Down Shadow you may return to that place by navigating with the simple intent to return. The The Maze offers only questions and no answers, questions like does it displace Down Shadow out of phase with the mortal world or does it exist in an outer world.

Dragon Bones

Carved from the bones of a red dragon, these three cubes still exude warmth.

3rd Sin - Gluttony

Cafe Chimera
Named for its ever-changing menu that blends house-crafted cocktails, premium wines, and exotic ingredients from far-flung lands, Café Chimera presents these choices on small-plates in the style of tapas.
  The Third Sin is located conveniently between the gaming floors, with cocktail servers that handle service to both. The café guest area consists of high-top tables for standing and is not intended for long-term dining. Nor are there enough seats if the entire casino decided to all eat at once. The goal of the house will always be to encourage their guests back onto the gaming floors to fuel their carnal pleasures.  
(Click to open menus)
Cuisine Menu

Cured smoked dire sausages, Furyondy pates, imported cheeses, hin marmalades, and mustards, with toasted baguettes.


Grilled twisted pale shadow asparagus and miniature wild vegetables, balsamic, garlic spread, and toasted baguettes.


A creamy blend of deep cave corn and Myconid mushrooms with cracked pepper and lava salt


Jumbo lump crab and grilled twisted pale shadow asparagus on a bed of iridescent elven vale greens


Pan seared Azure sea scallops, dusted with macadamia nuts on a bed of sautéed root vegetables


Seared Azure Tuna with toasted black and white sesame seeds drizzled with a reduced tart gnome glaze


with garlic herb roasted potatoes and black Pomarj au jus


braised in bitter mist marsh brandy and served with caramelized Vanor 'shrooms and baby onions


with wild berry stuffing


with parmesan Myconid mushroom risotto.


with fire glazed Feywild honey and brindle berry sauce


deep-fried dough in bitesize form, soaked in a sweet syrup (reference: Indian delights of Gulab jamuns)


  Crafted Cocktails

The availability of this drink varies based on supply which is rumored to be derived from stirge pens. The flavors vary from drink to drink (donor to donor) and are a favorite of the more monstrous races. Blended with infused vodka, secret spices, and custom hot sauces.


Distilled and aged by the Duergar of the Underdark. Their fire-bourbon is perpetually warm and even steams when open to the air. Flavors of caramelization and smoke. Each bottle is sealed with a pale grey hardened Underdark ooze.


Grugach gin infused with a dozen wild herbs and botanicals, mulled citrus and berries with Feywild honey.


Light sensitive glow melons with Urnst agave tequila, citrus, and blood orange rind rimmed with lava salt.


  Wine List

From the Crystalmist Mountains, light and sweet with hints of ice peach.


Touched by magic known as the breath of fire-frost, a mystic trade-secret with tastes of fresh lemons and passion fruit.


Rare and highly guarded, crafted by master elven crafters, crisp and dry white wine with sylvan hints of the summer court.


It’s rich and ripe, silky and supple, showing black raspberry, dark cherry, and rose, with gorgeous hints of pepper and earth.


Produced by the gnomes of the Gnarley Forest using wild grapes with techniques of the nature-craft unknown beyond their clan masters. More bramble and tannin, soft Merlot fruits, with flavors of raspberry and cocoa.


From select vineyards within the Tusmin hills, by arcane Baklunish masters, swirls, and clouds of twisted elements with bold, intense blackcurrant and plum flavors framed with toasty oak and hints of vanilla.

By the glass or bottle


This honeyed drink is quite popular with the magi community in Chendl. It has a pungent, nutty aroma and is more sweet than bitter.


This porter is made from a very dark roasted barley. It is not burnt but actually has a very light feel for a porter of its caliber.


It tastes like a caramelized sherry; instead of the fruity taste associated with most sherry's, this has something of a smoked, almost scorched taste. But it is very subtle and delicious.


This dark drink is rather creamy and thick. It balances dark roasted grains with a subtle hoppiness.

The Beers of Greyhawk  


4th Sin - Lust

    The sounds of sinful talent can be heard throughout the Seven Deadly Sins, empowered by enchanted acoustics. The roster claims an ever-evolving list of musicians, including singers, instrumentalists, bards, gleemen, and exotic talent. This is paired with dancers, contortionists, acrobats, and other physical performance acts. The 4th Sin of Lust also serves as a popular hangout for escorts, companions, and clientele. While the Seven Deadly Sins do not have sleeping rooms, this floor boasts a dozen private rooms for premium coin by the hour.      

5th Sin - Wrath

The Cage
The Cage by Graylion
The cage is the main attraction for the Fifth Sin and the place to test your combat skill, blow off steam, or maybe make back some coin. Rumours claim The Cage is a magic item or artifact from beyond the mortal world. A wild theory holds that it is a piece of infrastructure from a cosmic machine stolen during the Dawn War.
  The cage is the main attraction for the Fifth Sin and the place to test your combat skill, blow off steam, or maybe make back some coin. Rumours claim The Cage is a magic item or artifact from beyond the mortal world. A wild theory holds that it is a piece of infrastructure from a cosmic machine stolen during the Dawn War. The Cage lowers and anchors into a crimson veined stone slab with an eerie glow and warmth, and the cage itself is constructed of unknown dark metal with no signs of wear or damage. The interior of the cage and its boundaries can be altered for certain effects like blocking supernatural interference or containing abilities within the cage. Thus allowing for all manner of unusual or dangerous matches. It is usually sized at 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet from floor to ceiling; however, it can enlarge to twice that size upon command.    

6th Sin - Pride

High Stakes Games
    The Sixth Sin is only open by invitation after establishing a long tenure at the Seven Deadly Sins. Ash will inform you that the Sixth Sin is now available to you, after which the guards greet you by name and welcome you to make the final descent. This level is for the truly wealthy and socially adept. There are fewer games of chance, and more games of personal skill, including many of the favorites, cranked up a notch, and several games that have mystic or psychic components.     Plane Craft
Another game of mental strategy is called Plane Craft, where up to four players link with a magic cube and construct worlds or planes in an entropic landscape battling each other until there is one victor. Losers may suffer trauma, exhaustion, mental breakdown, coma, or possibly death. The constant decay ensures that the game has an unavoidable endpoint.   Card Fall
Card Fall is an exceedingly rare game played with a modified Deck of Many Things created and tied to the house. The game is much like Wizards Roulette, randomly using loaded and unloaded wands against your opponent. The wins are high, while the losses are even higher.    

7th Sin - Sloth

The Pit
    Locked behind smaller brass doors bearing ominous glyphs, there is little known about the Seventh Sin except you do not want to visit. It is said to be a place of punishment for guests who violate the rules or owe the house debts. It is also said that punishment can range from slow, slothful torture to paying with your soul. However, no one ever admits to a visit or discusses returning from the Seventh Sin.  


Waves of visible security staff flow throughout the Sins, keeping a close eye on guests. Most of these guards come in rough and dangerous flavors, such as duergar dwarves, half-ogres, and no-neck humans. The other security personnel are the ones you never see, disguised ringers in and among the guests waiting to signal trouble.  


Owner & Proprietor

He is a tall human of Oeridian birth with tan skin, auburn-reddish long hair, piercing green eyes. Zindrick is the ruthless and enigmatic director of the Seven Deadly Sins, Zindrick ruling his house like a lord and tyrant upon a throne. He wears an ever-changing array of colorful clothing styles and trends, never the same one twice. He may only be reached through Ash or Arkul, and rarely accepts trifle audiences. Profoundly serious about personal space, he never shakes hands.


"Ash" Ashwyn
She is a lovely pale-skinned human, most likely of Suloise heritage. She has straight platinum blond hair and cold deep blue eyes. These eyes mirror her style of managing the activities of The Seven Deadly Sins on behalf of Zindrick. She is fiercely loyal to Zindrick and prides herself on being aware of any major events first.

Chief of Security

Arkul Lorseth
He is a Dragonborn of jet black scales and the Seven Deadly Sins’ Chief of Security. His responsibilities lay in the direct enforcement by guards, the safety of the house staff and guests. He reports to Ash directly and Zindrick ultimately. Arkul is at ease wearing dull black and grey full plate armor while hefting a great sword across his back.


Author's Notes

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This article was written by Graylion for the Shadow War, with creative content from WiredIn. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

Book - Quill - Ink Cover DepositPhotos Stock


This article was written by Graylion for the Shadow War, with creative content from Sols & Duun. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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So much great detail and that menu is perfection. I would definitely visit the cafe. :)

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