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Down Shadow


  The sewers are well designed and sturdily built, with carefully cut stones and arched supports to keep the tunnels from collapsing.    

Down Shadow

  Down Shadow is the seedy, secret and criminal undercity or underside of the city above. Down Shadow lies beneath the sewers and may only be reached through intent and knowledge, with the briefest of few stumbling upon it through chance. While it exists below the sewers no portion of it is fixed in a specific location.    

Basilisk Square

  Basalisk Square is the one and only entrance into the The Maze from the Sewers. It acts as the one hub or physical route to and from the many entrances and exits between the Sewers and Down Shadow. The square has over a dozen stone archways around the perimeter of a hundred-foot square courtyard. The courtyard is littered with stone statues featuring all manner of creatures. Rumors and theory's run the gambit from a the trophy room for the demon queen of medusa to a nexus between the mortal world and the outer worlds.    


  The The Maze is a magical and supernatural barrier that surrounds Down Shadow and Basalisk Square protecting them from unveiling magics, enhanced senses and divinations. Once learning the location of something within Down Shadow you may return to that location by navigating with intent. The The Maze offers only questions and no answers, questions like does it displace Down Shadow out of phase with the mortal world or does it exist in an outer world.
Underground / Vault
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