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Masters Monthly Challenge Sun May 6th - Thu May 31st


Tell us about what's plaguing your world! Sickness, epidemics, diseases...
This event has ended!
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It had been long, so long since he had heard the laughter of children. Now the streets were silent, but for the soft moans of the inflicted, their flesh too wasted for weeping. Their skin was mottled with grey-green bruising, and they shook with pain, and longed for death.  
But the worst? The worst was when they died - and then rose once more...

To celebrate the new “conditions” template, tell us about a disease or sickness in your world. The disease may be magical or mundane. The pathogen may be viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoa or parasitic.  

We want to know:

  • What is the cycle of the disease (transmission, short- and long-term symptoms, time-scale, prognosis, recovery… or not)?
  • What treatments or preventatives are available? How rare, expensive or well-known are they?
  • Is there a cultural taboo around this disease (for example, leprosy or vampirism)?
  • Have there been any infamous epidemics of this disease (e.g. Black Death in medieval England) and how have they affected history (e.g. labour shortage, population decimation, new urban planning laws, etc)?

  • Standard League Winner

    Premier League Winner



    All participants will receive the NEW premium participation badge, and the winner will receive the shiny premium winner's badge  

    Grand Prize

    The overall winner of the competition will receive a copy of the amazing co-operative board game "Pandemic" (another prize can be organised if this is already owned by the winner). This is a really excellent, award-winning game, and super fun to play!

    Competition Rules

    • Only Master level Guild members and above are eligible for this competition.
    • Maximum entry length 7000 words.
    • Only one entry per eligible World Anvil user.
    • Answer all our questions! - that's what you'll be judged on, as well as the standard MM judging criteria (originality, prose, aesthetic considerations and internal logic). Adjudication is done by Janet during June.
    • Have a question about the criteria or rules? Ask me in the World Anvil Discord

    Submission Timescale

    Start Date : 6th May 2018 14:00 (BST)
    End Date : 31th May 2018 23:59 (BST)

    Winner Announcement

    Some critiques of entries, as well as the winners and highly commended entries, will be announced on the World Anvil weekly Twitch (Saturdays at 20:00 GMT) in June. Highly commended and winning entries will be shared over Twitter during June.