The Senatorial Emergency Protection Service is a republic special military unit that is highly capable and well trained. Their main purpose is to protect senators or other important personnel when their safety is greatly endangered. The unit has strayed from this however, being used mostly as a private military force by the senate. S.E.P units have been used numerous times to liquidate, cover-up, suppress, etc.    

Equipment and Training

S.E.P units are chosen from some of the most elite troopers from various republic divisions. They can be chosen for various skills like melee combat, marksmanship, bearing the gift, or being a fount. Rare talents like these are what make the S.E.P.S so good at what they do. After a few years of vigorous training at the S.E.P.S headquarters in central Querenth, they are ready to hit the streets. They get the best of the best equipment. The best armor, the best weapons, the best gadgets, and the best transportation. Alchemic grenades, Fount crystals, well-powered crossbows, everything to make a gnome happy. All this equipment and all this training make for a force that is so good at what they do, even the human members, which are most of them, are able to go toe to toe with malen warriors.  


The S.E.P.S is under the direct command of the senate, unlike most other forces who are commanded by their respective general. Those generals are under the command of the senate or course, but they are still somewhat independent. The S.E.P.S however, is controlled directly by the senate. Even though they were originally intended just to protect the Senate in emergencies, they are used for all kinds of things. They are deployed against everything and everyone the senate desires and usually don't care about anything other than the mission.   However, not every member of the senate can use them. Since the senate is also a big pile of infighting factions, the Seppies are aswel. They are pulled part by bribes and threats. In principle they need to listen to every senator on the senate. But in practice they only listen to the primearch, archons and a few other influential senators and parties. WIth different commanders usually serving different masters.
Military, Special Operations Force

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