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The Well of Hope

As you slowly enter the city of Westveen from the East you encounter a large gathering of people in ftont of the gates, they do not look healthy. Their skin is pale and their eyes are bloodshot and so are their coughs. The guards around the gate-house look weary from all the suffering in front of their very eyes, but the orders from the Mayor were absolute: No Infected Shall Enter. The very same message that is carved on the very walls for all to see, still they try every night some slip off to search around the massive city walls for a weak spot or a less strict guard who is more easily persuaded with materialistic means. But none make it through the unnatural omnisence of the City Captain who by some means unknown always knows where they will try to enter. But in the end they will never stop trying, because in the center of Westveens main square still stand their last beacon of hope to cure their unfamiliar plague; The Well of Hope, this ancient well left by the early settlers of the region is covered in unfamiliar scripts unreadable for the current civilasation that calls the region home. The Well is not massive but incredbly deep, the suurounding strucre is made from a rare sandstone not found anywhere in Nordland. It uses a crude wooden bucket and chain that is moved by an metal crank. Multiple attempts to have it removed by contemperary religious cults have been met by strange and unfortunate accidents and illnesses before they could enact their plans. People from Westveen claims the water from The Well can heal any sickness and even let you live longer, but no one knows for sure.

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