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Mursu Napalu (Mer-Sue Nah-Pa-loo)

Mursu Napalu is an ancient temple of the Buntelu people. It is situated in the center of a large crater in the middle of the lake Absinu. When the Buntelu people settled the land they began to notice the healing properties of the water of Absinu. Soon the people realized the Gods had given them a gift and looked to give back to them. They looked to the center of the lake where there is a small highly fertile and densely vegetated island. They held this island as revered holy ground and a collection point of the Goddess Ninti's breath. Because of this, they choose to build a massive spire temple to the God Ninti.
The tower reaches above the rim of the crater and consists of 50 floors. Each floor has distinct levels of cleanliness that must be obtained to move to the next floor or else the individual will die. The reason for this is unknown, but many people died in the construction while the cleansing rituals were figured out. those that can reach the top floor were known as the Galley of Nintu are said to be able to directly commune with Nintu herself. Any priest who has made it to the galley returns with new medicinal knowledge that helps cure a fast array of ailments even when not at the temple island. Those that finished the top level of the temple became the first generation of priests due to the vast amount of knowledge they had obtained about the functioning of the tower.
Over time the priests of the temple were found to vastly outlive the common people and never fall ill. Because of this knowledge getting out to the public, massive amounts of people came to the island and they would live in make-shift tents or just sleep on the dirt to receive healing and extended life. Soon the numbers became too high and a new wing of the temple was opened for the sickly where the priests cared for those who are ill. Now people from all over pilgrim to the temple to receive healing and give thanks to the God Ninti for her blessings on loved ones who are healed. The temple was named Mursu Napalu meaning Disease destroyer in the ancient tongue of the Buntelu people.

Purpose / Function

A temple of worship to the Goddess Ninti and a healing spot for the ill


stone exterior with wood accents
Founding Date
1000 BWH
Temple / Church
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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Jul 19, 2021 12:54

I love the idea of temple being bult in middle of lake, on holy ground. The fact the people die might be worth expanding. Do they die of instant death as soon as they get to next level? Does their health deteoriate as sort of curse from the god?   Next thing: It is HOLY LAND. People go for pilgrimage there - Thats okay. But if I understood correctly, the people are building tents right next to the temple, on the Holy land? The thought of building tents on holy land should be considered as blasphemy and desecration. I find it hard to accept that someone would accept such desecration. Especially when it is ultimately just for the purpose of getting hold on the blessing of prolonged life and better health. It might work in your setting! I am not against it, but as it is now, this just felt wrong. It could be just my opinion though.   The last 2 sections: Purpose and Architecture, could use some more attention :) The architecture could be described in more details, both internaly and externaly. At this point it will be luck if 2 readers visualized the temple in same way. The purpose could incorporate the pilgrimage, it might be neutral ground during wars, a place of education about all things medical etc. The use for such temple are many. :)

Jul 19, 2021 13:29

I actually agree about the holy land desecration now that you mention it. ill go back and think about that more maybe I'll move the tents off the island. Then make the healing wings of the temple so the streets can be cleaned up from drifters and none residence.