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Malmi's Fountain

Known to few but sought by many, Malmi's Temple lies mostly abandoned in The Webbed Forest. Tales of its abilities range from healing to destructive and spiritual awakening to moral decay.   Traveling within it's walls, trespassers are greeted by the ghosts of their greatest fears. Terror and shame steadily rise with every step. If whispers of unresolved insecurities and spindly beasts do not deter a visitor, they eventually arrive at Malmi's Fountain.   A simple pool lined with stone that spans a few feet into the floor shines without light and beckons the weary traveler forward.  
Upon touching the water, the trials of the journey are eased and healing begins. The water embraces every inch of the physical body and cleanses the soul.   A soothing voice enters the mind of those who enter the pool.

Do you know where you are?
Do you wish to heal?
With all my heart.
Are you prepared for the pain?
Still Weaving, Golem by Self
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The waters of Malmi's Fountain have the ability to ease any illness, heal any wound, cure any condition, and align a person's heart, body, mind, and soul. It does so at a rapid rate which may lead to some unpleasant side effects.   For example, if someone with a broken leg enters the pool, they will feel all of the natural pain associated with healing over a condensed period of time. While the healing is quick, it is most certainly painful. The amount of time it takes to heal in the pool is directly proportional to the natural healing time.   But even in the pain, their is always a sense of comfort. It varies person to person but always feels like the safest version of home the person knew or could imagine. This mixture of euphoric healing and pain causes an overwhelming and unique experience that many tarants cannot handle.   Exiting Malmi's Temple requires no psychological or physical strain; however, those who knew the visitor will see distinct changes in behavior.

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