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Temple of Katzalkoa

Katzalkoa is the goddess of life within the Churning World. This domain encompasses many things including animals, plants, hunting, and medicine. While there are many shrines dedicated to the goddess in the forests along hunting trails where hunters and foragers pay their respects and offer a small sacrifice in the name of good fortune in their pursuits the temples dedicated to her in the cities tend to emphasize aspects of the goddess that are more in line with the needs of the citizens. Chief among these needs is for medical care. As such she is most prominently known as a goddess of medicine and her priestesses are trained to be able to provide healing to those who need it.   Her temples tend to be smaller than those of other gods or goddesses. Katzalkoa does not believe in heavy barriers meant to keep nature out and so nearly all rituals are done within these roofed structures that are still open to the wider world. Columns, often covered in ivy to add a more earthy tone to the temple, hold up a roof that provides shade for those inside. Rather than chairs or stools to sit on there are soft beds stuffed with herbal grasses for the followers to lay upon. These beds are for the sick and injured to rest on as the priestesses tend to them.   In the very center of the temple is a shrine carved from wood and adorned with flowers and animal pelts. This is where worship is done. Many of the prayers and rites used in her temple are the same as what are done outside the temple on the woodland forests of the world and as such require little more than a few minutes to perform. People come in, walking passed the injured and sick, and place an offering at the base of the shrine before offering a short prayer.   Some sicknesses are too dangerous to be treated in the open air however. The temples have underground catacombs where those who are especially infectious are taken to be treated away from healthier followers of the goddess.   Surrounding the temple itself is also a large garden where medicinal herbs and flowers are grown by the priestesses. These herbs will then be turned into the medicine used to heal the sick.
Temple / Religious complex

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