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Wurzeldorf Hospital

A large sign depicting a sideways, open hand with a blood drop on inside hangs above the double doors. The hospital is a relatively large, three storey building where the injured and the sick are treated. The hospital is owned and funded by the city, meaning that medical staff and supplies are paid for through taxes.


It's customary for anyone falling ill to go to the hospital and stay until they feel better. Sometimes no treatment other than staying in the hospital is needed. Other times more direct treatment is needed. The doctors decide which is needed for the patient.

Hospital Staff

The staff consists of nurses and doctors. The nurses are skilled medical workers that takes care of everything that doesn't require the more esoteric knowledge or skills of the doctor. Their work includes cleaning patients, changing bandages, applying regular medicine, and much more. Some nurses might be doctors in training.   Doctors identify what ailments are affecting the patient, and finds the best treatment for the case. They are also pharmacists, with a wide knowledge on how to create different remedies.   Goteleib Damd is one of the three doctors at Wurzeldorf hospital.


No matter your status in society, any person in need of medicinal help is welcome as a patient at the hospital. And neither wealthy nor poor is too proud to go when they've taken ill.

Purpose / Function

The hospital takes in anyone needing medical help. The diseased, poisoned, injured, or otherwise physically ill come here to be treated by the doctors and nurses.


The building had a second storey added in 801, and a third in 955.


Originally built in 782, the hospital was first a single storey building made up of one great hall. It was a makeshift construction, after an invasion of goblinoids that killed many Wurzelhavians, and injured many more. Before this, medicinal treatments had been performed in the patient's home. But the amount of injured after the battle required the doctors to be able to keep all the patients under observation at once.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Demesne Effects

The Will to Survive
A person rolling death saving throws while inside the walls of the hospital becomes stable on the first success.   Contagious Healing
If a person inside the walls of the hospital is cured of a disease, all other patients in the hospital suffering from the same disease are also cured of it within the hour.

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