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Caulder's Respite

Caulder's Respite is located on the Isle of Edolie, northwest of Upper Preschwall. Connected to the southern mainland by a stone bridge, Caulder's Respite is a hospital that was originally built before the start of the Great Borean War under the orders of Oslo, a member of the Mage Counsel.   Caulder's Respite is a squat, sprawling building that occupies most of the silty and rocky island it was constructed on. While the primary walls of the hospital were constructed with river stone, they have been magically reinforced and bound such that no gaps can be found between the stones. All of the doorways in the building consist of wooden framed areas in the stone walls, offering little privacy to the guests inside. The hospital does have two large main doors, facing the stone bridge; these doors are constructed out of oak and they were a gift given to a past King of Phesunlay by the Emerald Crown. However, those large doors were actually a secondary entrance built for the hospital. The original entrance faced northwest, but during the Great Borean War, those doors were destroyed and the decision was made to relocate the main entrance to a safer location.   The hospital itself has over 100 chambers for patients, spread throughout three floors of the hospital. The main floor, the widest of the three, consists of 60 patient rooms spread through an 8-like structure, with two small parkettes for patients to spend time outdoors. The second floor, inset slightly from the first floor, is a smaller 8-shape which holds 30 patient rooms, with two o-shaped staff chambers in the centres and a hole straight through the centres, providing light to the base floor parkettes. The third floor, separated into two portions, consists of two longer, rectangular portions which are sectioned into 10 rooms, usually reserved for guests of privilege and for surgeries.   While the grounds outside the hospital are rocky, smooth-warn paths lead all around the outside of the building to a few staff outbuildings, a small collection of staff houses, a medical lab, several chapels, a graveyard, and a garrison building. Directly attached to the hospital, there are also two wooden chambers which are attached to gear and pulley systems which can be used to transport people between various floors, though these lifts were added only in the last 50 years and they are quite dangerous in their construction.   Caulder's Respite is largely staffed by lesser mages, adept assistants, and medical professionals who graduated from the Antigny Academy in Lower Preschwall. While there are other smaller hospitals in Preschwall, Caulder's Respite is the largest and is the only hospital which does not regularly employ clerics for their staff.


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