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The Adventurer's Repose

The Adventurer's Repose are infirmaries as well as an apothecary that are found in all major settlements to help restore and heal traveling adventurers. Local law enforcement and mercenaries are often patrons. Staffing consists of acolytes of the local faiths trying to hone their divine skills to cure the sick; Novice apothecaries learning to properly produce and apply salves, potions, and first aid; Then lastly there are volunteers who chose to help the Adventurer's Repose through their labor and skills than with wealth and supplies.   Each location is ran by a Chapter master who is in charge of the services, security, and safety of the location. Rarely will someone be turned down, if so the Chapter master has to write out the explict reasons for denial of service and inform local chapters.

Purpose / Function

Offer basic and advanced healing to local guards, mercenaries, and adventurers.   Train local clerics in healing magic and local apothecaries in basic first aid.


All Adventurer's Repose locations follow local architecture except for their Sigil. The sigil is made out of gold and portray a pair of bandaged hands. This sigil is hung above the front entrance as well as any secondary entrances.


It was founded by Tardel Gavvie as a way to train clerics in restorative magic and as a testing ground for new formulas for master apothecaries. It is rumored he founded this after a former adventuring party of his perished due to lack of advanced healing necessary. Shortly after that adventure he founded the first Adventurer's Repose that started within a small chapel before it drew attention and grew to its own organization.


The most common tourists are members from neighboring Repose's to share medical knowledge, supplies, and excess workflow in case of a disaster such as a monster invasion or war.


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