The Dancing Unicorn (Elelma = a-LEL-ma)

This Inn is high end and has extreme security; this is because it is owned by the Crown and is a brothel.  
Hey there handsome, are you looking for a good time? Let me cure what ails you.
— an invitation for healing or other activities
  The ladies of the Dancing Unicorn are trained in all aspects of pleasure. This is not only limited to physical pleasure, but includes easing mental strain and stress.


In the main entryway, a 20'x20' room, you can find a coatroom before the second set of doors. Beyond the second set of doors the main room, a 100'x80' room, contains a vaulted ceiling down the center with aisled alcoves down the sides creating quiet, private seating areas. These aisles are 50'x20', containing booth seating capable of seating six people. At the far end there is large desk with keys on rings hanging behind it. On either side of the desk is a large double staircase, leading to the upper floors. There are two levels of rooms running around the outside of building. Each level contains a balcony running out over the main area. The building is situated North/South with the private rooms on the East side while the "Companion" rooms are on the West side. On the third level at the North end is a small chapel dedicated to the Goddess Elelma.

Sensory & Appearance

Upon entering the main room, the sounds of the small orchestra wash over you giving a sense of calm and relaxation.


The Dancing Unicorn is built of marble and three stories tall. Large arching window provide an abundance of light. The private booths have sound dampening qualities to ensure those seated there can be assured of private conversations. There is a designated area for an orchestra to provide soothing music which permeates the entire inn.

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