The Facility

The following document appears to be unnamed notes. According to the description under the text, it seems they were written by an anonymous student of Gretsor Barren during an expedition to the Middish Plains.
  Located a few days away from Millerfort in the Middish Plains, lays the village of Brunbarn.
  Populated by about a thousand souls, largely crafters working for the surrounding farmers, the village wouldn't be considered of major importance, if it wasn't perfectly fit for the biggest Facility of the Middish plains.
  You see, Brunbarn is located at the bottom of the Grabenflow valley, a Hugofourd tributary. The rivers slowly meanders around the hamlet, which is surrounded by water and hills.
  According to Gretsor, this sort of "bowl" shape of the city has some particular effects on the surrounding consciousness flux and chaos. Even though Brunbarn is not exactly populated, the connection to the Flux in the center of that village is about as intense as it would be in the center of a city a hundred times the population.
  And this, well, in Middish culture, this makes the city absolutely perfect to build one of the largest mental health asylum of the Plains.
  Though it is said to aim at healing the diseased, a Facility typically doesn't work that well in that regard. Because of the slightly paranormal nature of most conditions, and because the Middish Plains' medical science slightly lag behind our own in Merinos, it is relatively rare that someone who enters a Facility ever leaves it alive. It is even rarer that the person who entered actually is the same person who leaves it.
  Though we probably won't visit the Brunbarn Facility for this expedition, Gretsor did get the chance to enter it in the past. I suppose being one of the most influent researcher on spirits and creatures of the consciousness flux opens some doors, even in a place where Perrots are commonly enslaved. According to them, what was troubling in visiting the place was not that it held barely half as many actually infected minds as it held political opponents and prisonners. This was to be expected from the Mergenby region. No, the troublesome part was that all patients were held together. The completely sane prisoners, the harmless mentally divergent ones, the ones who had listened to one too many Brain gnat, the victims of Call of the Wall who needed anything but being stuck in such a place, and the much more severe ones, who looked like they were contagious or had entirely lost their identity to the void. All were held without separation in one same big, menacing structure.
  Of course, the strategic position of the Facility means it is somewhat efficient at stopping some of the mental parasites to spread. Brain gnats are well known for poorly tolerating high sapient chaos. Same goes for other conditions of the "invading spirit" type. For others, however, it didn't work. People affected with the Call of the Wall fare very badly in a dense population, and their state just keeps worsening the longer they stay. People who are already entirely affected by a malignant entity can't really heal in such a situation, either.
  I am glad we won't stop here in this expedition. I can't speak for them, but I think Gretsor is, too.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
17 Jul, 2021 11:59

Sounds like a terrible place to be... I like the info about how it affects the brain gnats and other conditions :D

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