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Healer's Respite

The Healer's Respite is a term given to any number of healers' homes within the Kalka'shar's territory.

Purpose / Function

Healers are known to be solitary travellers, journeying from place to place to offer their services. Over time, many will discover commonly-traversed paths and set up shop along the winding roads between settlements, or in remote locations where some are known to visit. These serve similar purposes to inns, offering bed and food, but also act as emergency medical buildings for those injured or sick on the road.

Contents & Furnishings

Most affluent Respites contain a dining table and kitchen on the ground floor, with comfortable seating and blankets for those who wish for them. There are usually bundles and baskets of dried herbs and potions scattered around depending on how neat and tidy the healer who owns the building is, and upstairs contains rows of beds and medical equipment such as washbowls, knives and needles. The basement usually contains hanging meats, wine racks and other such food and drink storage.


Most Healer's Respites begin as tents or small handmade shelters with the healer's pack and a makeshift bed. Over time the healer will build a hut for themself, especially approaching the rainy seasons, to shelter them and their equipment from the weather and provide safer aid to passersby.   If a Healer's Respite gets enough service it is not uncommon for members of the public to band together and help them build their huts into stone inn buildings. These are usually found on main roads between cities and within small villages where people have settled around the healer.


Healer's Respites are usually large, handmade huts made of wood and straw, with a thatched roof and small garden of herbs and berries. Some in more remote areas are built with stone as the healer has more time between clients to construct their home, but this is rare.   Affluent Respites are large, multi-storey wood or stone buildings, usually with a fireplace and chimney. As these serve as inns the healer's garden is usually fenced off at the back of the building and there is often a cellar where meats and drinks are kept. The rooves are often thatch or tile with drainage systems to collect rainwater into pails and barrels for other uses.

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