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Cathedral of the Guiding Light

The Cathedral of the Guiding Light, also known as the Grand Cathedral, is a cathedral dedicated to Apollo located on the highest hill (Apollo's Hill) in Gulham. It was built soon after the arrival of the first Hymbrans, who split away from Lustria hundred of years ago. It was built larger than needed in part simply to compete with Lustria's own Pantheon. However, over the centuries the upkeep of the Grand Cathedral began to wane and into disrepair, though not disuse. The Grand Cathedral was one of the first buildings to be completely renovated by an emerging class of artists - it boasts beautifully carved marble pillars along its exterior and throughout its interior, a bright limestone exterior, and it is decorated with statues and paintings of the early golden age style.   The Grand Cathedral is the largest place of worship in Hymbra, and serves as both a place of worship and the equivalent of a hospital, since there are no typical hospitals in Morgrave. Most priests and clerics are trained in the application of both divine and mundane healing, so when Ambrosia was discovered, the priest caste were the best fit for administering it.   After the advent of ambrosia, the temples in Hymbra, including the Grand Cathedral, began to be used more for the application of ambrosia rather than as a place of worship. The halls and aisles were filled with beds to allow as many transfusions of ambrosia as possible. Today, even after the beginning of the Scourge, the Grand Cathedral still stands but it is visited with waning frequency. Prayers rarely echo off the walls these days, and one might wonder if Apollo is looking down on his nearly abandoned cathedral, glad that monsters are rampaging through the streets of Gulham.


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