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Sorza's Spiritual Solutions

This seemingly minute apothecary resides within the Lower West Nurand district of Olron, The Free City, nestled in a small courtyard of intricately balancing shacks and alleyways, stacked like a child's building blocks on the cobbled earth. The store front resembles a worn down herbalist shop, although the wooden planks appear splintered and rotting as an unnatural lilac fungi spreads along their length. The oaken window boxes, formerly housing some of the most unique herbs which have all but degraded into a slurry or black and brown mulch, have begun to expand, forming cracks that allow the slimy substance to seep through, feeding the ever present fungi.   Through the wooden door with its rusted iron hinges, resides a surprisingly large shop, three floors tall with only a catwalk and rail and an extensive ladder, climbing from level to level. The walls of the building are lined from floor to ceiling with wracks of scrolls and loose parchment, haphazardly thrown into every available cove and crevasse. The scrolls at the furthest reaches of this shop are coated in a tick layer of cobwebs and dust, hidden away from the rest of the world. Standing in the centre of the room, adjacent to the entryway is a dais, upon which sits a small cauldron, filled with a viscous black liquid, and a quill made of a peculiar white shard resembling bone. A series of blank parchment pages are roughly stacked on the dais, suggesting an almost office-like feel to the room.   Those who enter the shop are greeted by an elderly Sahān Human shopkeep, adorned in violet robes and hunched on an occult looking walking cane. This is Sorza (or as holy men may know him, Sorzameht, devil of binding), an apothecary renowned for his healing abilities, despite the clear lack of herbs available to him. He offers a healing hand to the weary and desperate, in exchange for a single favour in return. All they must do is sign a contract agreeing to the terms. The contract states that there shall be no time limit for collecting on the favour upon signing and the request must be granted, for fear of retribution should the contract not be fulfilled.
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