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The Keep of the Royal Congregation

Location and Structure

The Keep of the Royal Congregation is located in the capital city of the Holy Empire. Built in the epicenter of the city it also acts as a secondary security check point to approach the castle using the main roads. The ground was blessed before construction of the building which is two floors but spans over a large area. The city layout is built to funnel people toward the building with four of the main roads leading to the Keep.  


The Holy Empire came to power through the conversion and recruitment of religious individuals to the service of the One True God. Clerics, Paladins, and Monks were were actively sought out until eventually much of the conquering army was composed of them. As the Empire reached the end of their expansion period the Holy Emperor ordered the construction of the Keep and the most capable and devout of his army to fill it. The Holy Emperor believed the key to maintaining power was to keep the citizens healthy and provided for to prevent unrest in the city. Thus the keep, provided free medical help to all the walked into the building, with the only stipulation that all who come to be healed attend the daily prayer hosted in the building. People all over the empire would travel to visit the Keep and ask for healing. After the death of the Holy Emperor and the subsequent rise to power of his eldest son the Empire entered a period of collapse, quickly loosing control of the land on the boarders. This new Emperor, paranoid of the prospect of being overthrown or assassinated, removed most of the clerics and monks from the Keep, leaving very few and instead populated the building with paladins, still capable of doing healing albeit on a much smaller scale, turning the building into more of a security point on the road to approach the castle. He also added a small charge to all who wish to receive healing at the Keep. This only increased the unrest further in the city, until the Emperor put new security measure over the city.  

The Services of the Keep

The Keep of the Royal Congregation is arguably one of the most advanced healing facilities in the world and without a doubt the most prominent source of divine healing. They will provide healing to the best of their capabilities for all those who enter the building, most of the people their capable of at minimum low level healing. The also offer what is deemed "spiritual healing and counseling." Everyday in the afternoon a prayer is held for the One True God, that the Empire recognizes. Healing will only be provided to those of a different faith if they renounce their God and pledge loyalty to their God instead. In recent years a new section has been added to the prayer, swearing loyalty to the Holy Emperor, and dedication to the betterment of the Empire. One does not need to receive healing to go to the prayer, the Keep also acts as the largest church in city.

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