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Hospitals of Fahlahreen

These hospitals are scattered throughout the world, though mainly in Arcessa. They are widely regarded as the most effective and best sources of medical treatment you can find, outside of healing provided by the gods. While that can be provided for at these hospitals they rely more on alchemical and mundane treatments, though they are very advanced compared to the rest of the world.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of these hospitals is that of any, to heal the sick. The main difference is the medical practices of the Falsoree are employed in these hospitals.


The buildings vary depending on where one of these hospitals are set up, in the cases where one is to be started outside Arcessa they will use whatever building is suitable to the needs of the hospital. They will always have the Tear of Fahlahreen displayed prominently either on a sign, tapestry, an arcane mark, or illusion. The Falsoree who work in the building will attempt to import decorations from their home as well.


The history of the hospitals is tied to that of Fahlahreen she is regarded as the pioneer of Falsoree medical practices and knowledge. Directly following the split with the Anrasha the newly formed Falsoree looked for a new home, and after many years came to claim the area that would be known as Mengdul. This process was not an easy one as many beasts called this land home and were far from eager to give up their claim. Fahlahreen was one of the many who took up arms to claim this new home, but soon saw the cost of those battles as injury and sickness were quickly becoming a true problem for the relatively small group of Falsoree.   She turned her focus from battling creatures to battling against death itself, it started small by gathering helpers to construct an infirmary, then rules began to follow such as keeping the space clean, disinfecting tools with alcohol, and so on. Then getting fresher supplies, then tasking alchemists with learning more ways to help the body recover. Her hospital became the model for other smaller hospitals to form and things were progressing well until her efforts to heal and prevent death drew the ire of the Blightbringer who unleashed a plague of undeath upon the Falsoree focused around a single undead shambling mound that spread corruption and undeath wherever it trod, and it made its way right to Fahlahreen and her hospital. The Dawn King sent one of his agents to Fahlahreen's aid bearing with it the sword known as the Sanguine Savior, an artifact that was capable of drawing blood or essence from evil creatures and turn that essence into a crystal useful in healing magics, as an artifact of the Dawn King it is a powerful weapon against undead as well. When the monstrosity came it was greeted by an Ozari paladin of the Dawn King, and Fahlahreen herself armed with the Sanguine savior. The two were able to defeat the creature, the paladin being struck down in the battle, but healed using the first of the essence crystals that Fahlahreen formed from the very monster.   From then on the practice of medicine among the Falsoree shifted, their doctors were there to heal their patients but were also trained on how to protect them as well. The followers of Fahlahreen are a group of doctors within the Falsoree who stick more strictly to her beliefs and train in combat, alchemy, and medicine. It is these doctors who often leave the other Falsoree to establish hospitals among other parts of the world who lack such sophisticated medical arts.


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