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Tebu-Daji Apothecaries (TAY-boo DAHZH-ee)

Tebu-Daji is the home of apothecary Eslin Tebu. His longtime partner and fellow apothecary, Markor Daji, passed away three summers back. The work is all that remains for Eslin, and he puts everything he has into it.

If you're in Tezir, as busy and as sprawling as it may be, you won't have trouble getting to Tebu-Daji, or "Tebu-Daji Apothecaries" if anyone ever used the full name. Given Markor's passing, some people now refer to the home/business as simply, "Tebu," but most still use the name they're accustomed to.

The Tebu-Daji home is unassuming. While the two apothecaries expanded over the years to accommodate the demand for their services, most of the expansion was in terms of the patient areas and patient services. They took on several healers as employees and opened a "restorative wing" for long-term patients treated holistically and with a variety of approaches, some rather experimental in nature.

From the outside, it's another half-hidden door in a building that looks like a giant shoebox sunk in a muddy groove. The front door is a large, double door of old, cracked oak festooned with flags and little bubble-shaped lights made of glass filled with some sort of algae water that glows a pale blue. The lights are all out of the way of heads and bodies, at least for the smaller species, but are otherwise hung all over the place at a variety of heights and angles. Some sort of runes are etched and burned into the old oak.

Within, the interior matches expectations if said expectations amount to a sort of chaotic warmth. The main room is a giant living room and waiting area lit with more of the blue stuff in addition to sconces set against wide, circular bronze plates on the wall. There are two sofas and many chairs, all upholstered and matching in a soft, beige fur. Slightly worn, but very comfortable. One needn't wait long before someone approaches to help. This will often be one of the healers, but sometimes it's Eslin himself.

It would be difficult to find a being with a more revered reputation than Eslin Tebu. His salves, poultices, and potions have saved everyone from princes to paupers. The ratkin healer is a local legend, and he more than lives up to the stories, though these days he also looks tired most of the time. With grey fur turning silver with age and deep, black pools for eyes, the effect would be common rather than striking except for Eslin's movements. His body moves so smoothly that it looks like magic at play, though there is none. His hands are steadier than any surgeon's and each appendage seems to move in such a way that it never seems to really start or stop.

Eslin offers a variety of healing options, and for those with enough money or enough favor, he has even more. And if he doesn't have what you need, he probably knows where to get it...though he'll have you gather what he needs. He's too old for that these days, as he'll tell you with a gravelly voice, tired eyes, and a pat on the back of your paw (or hand.)

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